Monday, November 30, 2009

Time To Make Babies?

For those newly married couples who wish to have their first baby, I have found this helpful website to assist you in so many ways!

What's interesting about this website is that it has various stages, from Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler to Preschooler. It also has so many topics that you can choose from. For instance, Ovulation, Timing Intercourse, Sexual Positions, Vitamins and Supplements and lots more.

I find this website interesting, user-friendly and useful!! So, go and check it out!

Care for a baby?

Then click Baby Center

Happy Birthday Ad!

Happy Birthday Ad!

Zafarrin, Ad & Mar*

Ad's birthday was on the 29th November 2009. Dora and I met up with Ad yesterday night since she's here from JB. I missed her company dearly. In fact kami semua miss your company Ad.

A lil' bit about Ad. Kenal Ad masa buat A Level in KYPM back in 1996 but I thought she was a show-off. Haha. Then really got to know her when we were in matriculation in ITM Shah Alam. Lepas tu, we became roomies for about 4 to 5 years. Overall, she's one of the most caring friends I have.

Ramai kawan yang baik. In fact semua kawan-kawan kita kebanyakkannya baik-baik belaka. If not tak akan dia jadi kawan-kawan kita in the first place kan. Tapi, Ad is, one in a million. At least to me she is.

*Pictures taken from Mar's blog.

Note: Happy Birthday to you too Mar!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What To Give As Present In Sticky Situations?

Banana Peel Flip Flops

Water bottles/Tumblers by Bros

Well well well, what do we have here?
Interesting items, interesting colours kan?
Have you ever found yourself caught in a situation where there's a birthday party coming up and you do not have any idea what to give or you are still waiting for your next paycheck to come? In other words, what to buy for that birthday girl/guy when you are in a "sticky" situation?
Worry no more. I can give you a good solution.
When I'm in any of the aforementioned sticky situations, I would either get a Banana Peel Flip Flops or a Water Bottle/Tumbler by Bros.
It's so pretty, affordable, universal and unisex! No body will throw it, I promise!
Banana Peel Flip Flops comes in various design, shapes and sizes. The price ranges from RM19.90 to RM49.90. Easy to find, you can get it at any Banana Peel kiosks in various shopping malls, Sunway Pyramid and Midvalley to name a few. Tapi the minor issue here is you need to know the size of the person you are giving it to!

Water Bottles/Tumblers by Bros also come in various design, shapes and sizes. The price ranges from RM13.90 and varies according to the sizes. They have 300ml, 350ml, 450ml, 500ml, 700ml and even 1000ml! Also available at many anchor stores such as Jaya Jusco, Carefour, Giant and lots more.
So, go and get it if you ever find yourself in such sticky situation. It is below RM30 after all! And very useful too!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 6th Month's Anny

23 May 2009, Solemnisation Happy 6th Month's Anniversary!

Emmm..tak ada pressie ka laling?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ehem, Dear MS..

Attempt to take own picture, Jungceylon Mall, Phuket
(June 09)

Attempt to take own picture, The Gardens Midvalley, KL
(Nov 09)

Dearest hubby MS,

Half year anniversary dah hampir tiba. Emmm..emmm..emm..Handphone dah rosak..Emmm..

Lotsa lurve,
Your wifey, PinkGremlin

Tribe 4

Hello. Kan dekat description ada tulis I have great family and friends. So I'm gonna write about my family. A small part actually. Not my family, family. Tapi Tribe 4.

Amy, the Confidante'

K.Na, the Kaki Jalan Sister

K.Julie, the Know-It-All Cik Agent

Tribe 4 (minus the kids! Hehe)

At Kokopelli PJ as organisers for
our aunty's surprise bday party
Can't resist to put this pic. Mcm cantik je.

Ok. Now the story.

We are all cousins. Except for me and K.Na, we are sisters. Anyways, K.Na and K.Julie are of the same age while aku and Amy beza 1 year. We "talk" to each other, tapi via email la, almost everyday. Kami selalu jumpa during family gatherings, parties etc. Ada kalanya kami amik cuti and hang out during weekday, saja santai-santai. Hehe. Best sbb mereka memang asing! Hehe.

Ok, as for the labels. Amy the Confidante'. Ya, boleh kata 99.99% benda aku bagitau dia. Hehe, dia pembawa karung santa clause katanya. Hehe, bawa cerita and secrets aku. Haha.

K.Na, the Kaki Jalan Sister. Kalau K.Na, selain keje dia yang hari-hari jalan-jalan kat KL as you can read in her blog, dia kalau call aku je selalu nak plan jalan-jalan kami on Saturday. Kan Saturday "family" day kami. Hehe. In any event, she's a cool sis! Hehe.

K.Julie the Know-It-All Cik Agent. We call her Cik Agent. Sebab selain jadi ratu online dia pun ala-ala agent. Kadang baru je kami cakap "Eh, kat mana nak dinner best kat area PJ" tham, dah dapat list. Tak ke agent? Hehe. Kami selalu guna dia macam agent. Hehe.

Itu saja kisah Tribe 4, but I know it's hard to get a "tribe" like this in your own family. Sebab lain-lain kepala kan. Anyways, I'm happy to "have" this Tribe 4. Hehe.

Well tribe, bila mau amik cuti lagi? Jalan-jalan? Hehe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BFF & Kulit Babi

PinkGremlin & Mazlina
Us at Chimpelas Mall (tak silapnya)

Mazlina, PinkGremlin & Suhana

At Rumah Mode

At the hotel (lupa nama)

PinkGremlin with Suhana's hubby, Tampin

Lunch yang tak sedap di tekak

At the airport

Dua minggu kebelakangan ni asyik teringat-ingat kat Suhana and Mazlina. Mereka ni my best friends forever. Literally my BFF sebab memangla BFF normally you call everyday and gossip and all kan. It is a bit different dengan mereka ni since dah duduk bukan in the same neighbourhood lagi and somemore dah kawin and all. But when and where it matters, mereka ni akan ada and muncul on and off! That's why the "forever" in BFF is literal.

Anyway lama tak keluar dengan mereka. Bila nak keluar sama ni korang?

Bila semalam aku dok teringat nak plan keluar dengan Suhana and Mazlina, aku tiba-tiba teringat satu kisah masa kami pi holiday kat Bandung last year.

Shopping sakan kat various factory outlets yang ada kat sana yang harganya maha murah, so ada la terserempak dengan sepasang sandal yang nampak comfy sangat masa kat ada satu outlet ni. Belek punya belek, berkenan, try size pun ada, harga pun sungguh suka. Aku pun grab beli.

Balik hotel, for the next jalan-jalan session aku terus grab pakai. Ah, sungguh selesa!!!! Jalan dari pagi sampai la lewat petang. Ronda macam-macam tempat, jalan ke hulu hilir. Then balik hotel, aku pun sibuk nak mandi and all. Keluar je dari bathroom Mazlina pandang aku.

Mazlina : Sorry, tapi aku rasa ada satu berita buruk nak bagitau kau
PinkGremlin : Apa?
Mazlina : Aku dah check sandal kau ni masa tunggu kau mandi tadi
PinkGremlin : Kenapa?
Mazlina : Err sandal nie kulit babi la
PinkGremlin : Hah! Eh, aku dah check masa beli tu!
Mazlina : Memang tak perasan tapi aku perasan 3 titik tu kat belah dalam strap ni
PinkGremlin : (lepas check) Hahhhhhhhhhh! Ya la. Tapi kasut nie best pakai
Mazlina : Kau kena buang la kan
PinkGremlin : Habis kena samak ke?
Mazlina : Kena la
Waaaa. Sentap sangat masa kena buang kasut kulit babi yang sedap dipakai tuh tau! Pastu Mazlina tolong amik tanah and samak kan. Kasut kulit babi kasut kulit babi. Hehe
Oh ya, enjoy the pics! Taken from Bandung Trip with BFF August 2008.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Very True?

" in life, ALLAH doesnt give you the person you want,

instead He gives you the person you need...

to love you...

hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life..."

I got this from one of the articles I got in my email. Beautiful isn't it? And very meaningful as well. But is it true? Do you think so?

I think it is very true indeed and I guess it happens to most of us.

If I am to describe the person I want then it would be a long list. Hehe. But I was granted a person that I need. very true.

1. I am teribble with figures. So my spending is always haywired. He has a very good sense in managing money.

2. I am not good when it comes to technicalities. It runs in his blood.

3. My general knowledge sucks. He's fairly dependable when it comes to one.

4. I don't control what I eat. I'm not a health concious person. He's like a health guru.

Enough said. I guess it is very very true. He gives you the person you need.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dreams Do Come True Don't They?

I'm happy..*
He's happy..*
We are very happy!!*

Dreams do come true, don't they? I hope they do! InsyaAllah. Stay tuned.

*Pictures taken from Phuket Honeymoon, June 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Magical Hands?


So called "Magical Hands"

Ta-da! Hairdryer dah OK!

Hehe, dah dekat 2 weeks hairdryer aku rosak. Ntah plug dia macam kena sambar ke apa tak tau. Yang pasti sampai terbelah dua la and ada kesan melting kat plug dia! So, rambut singa Simba la beberapa ketika. Hehe. Memangla pakai tudung tapi siapa yang suka rambut singa!

MS promised to pulihkan hairdryer tapi tak repair-repair sampaila last Sunday!! Nampak kepala plug from black sudah tukar white! Yay!! Rambutku sudah lurus semula macam ala-ala rebonding. Hehe. It pays to have a hubby from vocay background eh?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Activities During Weekends 6th to 8th Nov 09 (Part 2)

On Saturday, as usual I will hang out at my parents' place in Subang Jaya. Kira hari bersama family la. Hehe. MS works on Saturday, giving me ample time to lepak at my parents' dengan my big sister and my 2 nephews. It has been our routine since forever la. Back when I was not married yet, my sis will come with my 2 nephews and lepak until malam. My bro in law also works on Saturday, so it is literally "our" hari bersama family (our as in my sis and I).

Last Saturday we went to Subang Parade and window shopped and had our minum petang at KFC. I left early that day because our friends wanted help in purchasing watch for hantaran. Our friends, F&F (actually Fai is a friend of MS but became my friend as well after knowing him for 4 years while Fiza is Fai's fiancee and became my friend after a few months upon knowing her. Anyway, they are our common friends la kiranya sekarang) is getting married early next year.

Fai was looking for a watch for his hantaran. And so happens MS is a loyal customer/good friend with Taiko (watch shop owner in Pertama Complex) and gets good discount. Jadi, kami telah pergi ke Pertama Complex that nite to get Fai's Seiko watch.

Setelah dapat grab Fai's watch, we went to Jalan 222 to have our dinner. Ala, yang famous dengan nasi lemak panas. The place where disco goers (DV8) have their late supper dulu-dulu. Hehe. MS and I wanted to go to Uptown in Danau Kota thereafter tapi F&F had to rush to Ipoh so kami tangguh niat. Anyway, it was raining that nite.

Pasangan "newly" weds

Kami lagi

Fai pilih jam

Pasangan bakal pengantins

Fiza, tukang bayar

Pilihan Fai- Seiko

Makan-makan at Jalan 222


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