Monday, November 9, 2009

Activities During Weekends - 6th to 8th Nov 09 (Part 1)

Hi, nak update my activities during last weekends.

On last Friday, I went for a movie at TGV Sunway Pyramid with my friend, Dora. Kami tengok cerita The Time Traveller's Wife. Nak kata chick flick sangat tak jugak, but it was a nice movie, ok la. Overall rating, I gave a 6 star.

Normally, on Friday nite, MS has his gym session and it is my Girls' Nite Out. Well, not really Girls' Nite Out. We changed it to AGM as in Annual General Meeting (walau it's weekly!). Anyways, it is just a term that we use to refer to our weekly lepak session. It was changed from Girls' Nite Out to AGM because memang mula-mula it started out with all of us girls, it was a fairly big group, then satu persatu kahwin and beranak so tinggal la 4 of us. Me, Ad, Dora and joined by Kerel. Well now dah tinggal 3 coz Ad moved to JB recently.

Since lupa nak amik pictures hari tu, I am posting the pictures of all 4 of us. Masa ni vacation in Bandung last year.

PinkGremlin & Dora

Rohaidah, Ad, Kerel & PinkGremlin

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