Monday, November 9, 2009

Activities During Weekends 6th to 8th Nov 09 (Part 2)

On Saturday, as usual I will hang out at my parents' place in Subang Jaya. Kira hari bersama family la. Hehe. MS works on Saturday, giving me ample time to lepak at my parents' dengan my big sister and my 2 nephews. It has been our routine since forever la. Back when I was not married yet, my sis will come with my 2 nephews and lepak until malam. My bro in law also works on Saturday, so it is literally "our" hari bersama family (our as in my sis and I).

Last Saturday we went to Subang Parade and window shopped and had our minum petang at KFC. I left early that day because our friends wanted help in purchasing watch for hantaran. Our friends, F&F (actually Fai is a friend of MS but became my friend as well after knowing him for 4 years while Fiza is Fai's fiancee and became my friend after a few months upon knowing her. Anyway, they are our common friends la kiranya sekarang) is getting married early next year.

Fai was looking for a watch for his hantaran. And so happens MS is a loyal customer/good friend with Taiko (watch shop owner in Pertama Complex) and gets good discount. Jadi, kami telah pergi ke Pertama Complex that nite to get Fai's Seiko watch.

Setelah dapat grab Fai's watch, we went to Jalan 222 to have our dinner. Ala, yang famous dengan nasi lemak panas. The place where disco goers (DV8) have their late supper dulu-dulu. Hehe. MS and I wanted to go to Uptown in Danau Kota thereafter tapi F&F had to rush to Ipoh so kami tangguh niat. Anyway, it was raining that nite.

Pasangan "newly" weds

Kami lagi

Fai pilih jam

Pasangan bakal pengantins

Fiza, tukang bayar

Pilihan Fai- Seiko

Makan-makan at Jalan 222

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