Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Thelma...

Mahluk apa yang bila beli magazine Cleo terus bukak the last few pages and terus grab baca dengan khusyuknya? Hehe, the mahluk is me! (PinkGremlin!)

Anyways, I have been having this habit of reading Q&A column since forever. At least better than this someone I used to know back then. Dia ni, a Chinese guy called Norman, everyday, the first thing dia akan buat in the morning before anything else is beli paper and dengan khusyuk and tawaduknya terus baca section "Obituary" tak kelip-kelip mata dia. Pastu gelak-gelak kadang-kadang tu. Tak ke scarry?
Hehe, at least I'm normal eh..

So this is my blog, apart from "discussing" about Q&A column, of course la akan bercakap pasal diriku ini kan..Hehe

And I do welcome apa-apa permasalahan, konon-konon feeling ala-ala online Q&A column ke? Hehe. Ok see you in the next entry.

Dear Ms PinkGremlin..Hehe

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