Friday, November 6, 2009

Fix It at

Pagi tadi on the way to work masa dengar Pagi Show (hari-hari pun dengar, hehe) ada Fix It! It is one of my favourite segments in Pagi Show tapi jarang-jarang muncul. Basically the Fix It is where you write an email to the Pagi Show and ask them to fix any sort of situation for you. Ada pernah pasal putus cinta and wanting to get back together, ada yang nak mintak tolong to break up on national radio ni (hehe), ada problem with their mother la, macam-macam la.

So this morning was about this girl called Priya who wrote an email to to get the Pagi Show to fix her problem. Katanya her boyfriend (called Eng) dok tangguh nak kahwin dengan dia for the longest time ever! So she wanted Pagi Show to interfere and fix her problem.

Well, Nadia of Pagi Show called this Eng guy and siasat. The conversation, more or less was like this:-

Nadia : Hello, Eng, this is Nadia from Pagi Show
Eng : Hah..
Nadia : Eng, your gf Priya emailed us
Eng : Boleh cakap melayu ka?
Nadia : Priya emailed us, mengapa you tak mau kawin-kawin lagi ma?
Eng : Hah, mana ada "luit"
Nadia : Haiya, register saja ma, senang apa
Eng : Tak ada masa la, kerja saja, boss tak ada bagi leave..
Nadia : Ok Eng, listen properly, we are giving you a set of rings, wedding rings so that you
can get married
Eng : Hah!
Nadia : Simple thing, you just need to ask Priya to marry you, because Priya is on the line now, you ready with good lines?
Eng : Hah, ok

Then what happened next was Eng asked Priya to get married in Mandarin, like a one-liner and Priya of course le jawab yes tatkala dia dah tunggu lama.

Well, the thing is, why sometimes guys tend to "postpone" or "set aside" or "put on hold" banyak benda yang perempuan tanya. Pernah tak lalui situation you ask your bf or partner one semi-serious question or sometimes not that serious pun but normally it has got to do with love/heart issues or feelings, mereka takkan bagi jawapan cepat. Dia akan diam je dulu. Silap-silap lupus terus.

I finally got the answer last year. MS and my friend Kerel explained the same thing, when women ask, they put on hold jawapan because they need to think (especially pasal perasaan, hati etc.). It's not like they forget about it or do not want to answer right away. They do think about it. Tapi akhirnya if kita tak pester jawapan, alamatnya memang lupus tu betul.

So I think, we don't panic or pester them there and then when your man doesn't answer right away. He may need time to digest and think about it.

At least it applies to "normal" men. Yang losers tu or perangai-perangai asing tu lain la.

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  1. aku pun dengar pasal Priya ni. Actually before that nadiya terdial no. salah kan, bila nadiya tanya do you have gf name priya, dia nope i'm maried man. tapi masa org tanya is this eng, dia boleh pulak jawab ya. hahahahah, maybe nama serupa kut.



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