Friday, November 20, 2009

Tribe 4

Hello. Kan dekat description ada tulis I have great family and friends. So I'm gonna write about my family. A small part actually. Not my family, family. Tapi Tribe 4.

Amy, the Confidante'

K.Na, the Kaki Jalan Sister

K.Julie, the Know-It-All Cik Agent

Tribe 4 (minus the kids! Hehe)

At Kokopelli PJ as organisers for
our aunty's surprise bday party
Can't resist to put this pic. Mcm cantik je.

Ok. Now the story.

We are all cousins. Except for me and K.Na, we are sisters. Anyways, K.Na and K.Julie are of the same age while aku and Amy beza 1 year. We "talk" to each other, tapi via email la, almost everyday. Kami selalu jumpa during family gatherings, parties etc. Ada kalanya kami amik cuti and hang out during weekday, saja santai-santai. Hehe. Best sbb mereka memang asing! Hehe.

Ok, as for the labels. Amy the Confidante'. Ya, boleh kata 99.99% benda aku bagitau dia. Hehe, dia pembawa karung santa clause katanya. Hehe, bawa cerita and secrets aku. Haha.

K.Na, the Kaki Jalan Sister. Kalau K.Na, selain keje dia yang hari-hari jalan-jalan kat KL as you can read in her blog, dia kalau call aku je selalu nak plan jalan-jalan kami on Saturday. Kan Saturday "family" day kami. Hehe. In any event, she's a cool sis! Hehe.

K.Julie the Know-It-All Cik Agent. We call her Cik Agent. Sebab selain jadi ratu online dia pun ala-ala agent. Kadang baru je kami cakap "Eh, kat mana nak dinner best kat area PJ" tham, dah dapat list. Tak ke agent? Hehe. Kami selalu guna dia macam agent. Hehe.

Itu saja kisah Tribe 4, but I know it's hard to get a "tribe" like this in your own family. Sebab lain-lain kepala kan. Anyways, I'm happy to "have" this Tribe 4. Hehe.

Well tribe, bila mau amik cuti lagi? Jalan-jalan? Hehe

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