Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Very True?

" in life, ALLAH doesnt give you the person you want,

instead He gives you the person you need...

to love you...

hurt you and teach you the real meaning of life..."

I got this from one of the articles I got in my email. Beautiful isn't it? And very meaningful as well. But is it true? Do you think so?

I think it is very true indeed and I guess it happens to most of us.

If I am to describe the person I want then it would be a long list. Hehe. But I was granted a person that I need. very true.

1. I am teribble with figures. So my spending is always haywired. He has a very good sense in managing money.

2. I am not good when it comes to technicalities. It runs in his blood.

3. My general knowledge sucks. He's fairly dependable when it comes to one.

4. I don't control what I eat. I'm not a health concious person. He's like a health guru.

Enough said. I guess it is very very true. He gives you the person you need.

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