Thursday, December 31, 2009

Huhu, Sedapnya Dapat Pau Orang

Lemahnya rasa badan ni lepas jalan-jalan
Tapi, ada ini!!
Mmphh..Ah tenaga mula datang balik..Nyums
Tapi, kacau dulu. Kacau kacau bagi
rasa umphh lagi

Kacau lagi..Kacau..

Hah, dah ok kot!!

Rasa sikit dulu lepas kacau-kacau. Hehe, sedap ni..

Tq Pn Pau! Next month macam biasa ya! Hehe
Ada satu hubby orang ni dia ada habit asing iaitu suka pau satu minuman ni every end of each month. Tapi yang dia pau dari wife tu tak mahal, tapi dia nak pau, dia takmau guna duit dia beli ni. Pastu dia hanya pau sekali je sebulan. Memang asing. Tapi memang itu dia buat tiap-tiap bulan. Asing. Dia suka sangat minuman tu. Dia kata best sangat-sangat. Tapi bila wife tu rasa, erkk, biasa je. Entah apa specialnya Caramel Machiato tuh! Tapi, yang pasti dia happy pau itu je tiap bulan. Asing!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Masak Masak Dengan Magic Powder Hilal

Hari ni nak cerita about masak-masak. My task of cooking is very easy because MS doesn't like to eat rice at night, being so-called Mr Gym Man. Hehe. So dinner always revolves around food such as bread and something or the noodle gang.

Tapi bukan senang nak variety kan masakan berasaskan noddle gang. It will always be either goreng-goreng of mee hoon, mee, ketiew or spagethi, macaroni or soup with all those noodles. Dan disebabkan habit MS yang macam inila, PinkGremlin ni still tak pandai masak lauk yang macam-macam aneka! I'm blaming you MS!

Anyways, last Raya, I went to Langkawi with MS' family and on the way we went to MS' brother's friend's house in Perlis. It was dinner time. We were served with Mee Goreng Basah, Chocolate Cake, Kueh Muih, Mee Kuah and I think ketupat/lemang and rendang as well.

When I first tasted the Mee Goreng Basah, I was like, "Oh my, this is so delicious!!!" Sedap! Berperisa! Later on after dnner, I couldn't hold myself any longer and asked the kakak who cooked the said Mee Goreng Basah. And she said that there was no special ingredients in her Mee Goreng Basah.. just mee, kicap, sayur, ayam and perencah Hilal.

Perencah Hilal? Tak pernah nampak or dengar pun! Later, MS told me that he knows about perencah Hilal and that MIL uses perencah Hilal all the time (no wonder masakan MIL macam berperisa juga). I have never heard of or seen this perencah Hilal until that day! MS told me it is not really sold in any supermarket but more or less can be found at night markets!

Few weeks after that, he bought me the perencah Hilal, which to me is kinda magical in a way. Macam magic powder.

Here's a contoh penggunaan Magic Powder Hilal in Ketiew Goreng:

Bahan-bahan basah- Bawang, Daging, Taugeh & Ketiew

Tumisan bawang
Aha! Magic Powder Hilal
Bahan basah dan cili boh bersama Magic Powder

Ketiew bersama yang lain-lain

Sudah siap! Selamat menjamu selera!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Perebutan "Ta-Dam" Crystal Ball

Ini dua beradik, Mikhael & Aqil sudah berebut
satu benda last Saturday..Cuba tengok kat tangan Mikhael

Ini budak Aqil pun cuba tengok kat tangan dia.
Satu bola ajaib?
Ini ke perebutan tu? Bola ajaib ka?

Nampak macam Crystal Ball X-mas jek!

Jumpa "Crystal Ball" ni kat dalam drawer kat bilik atas kat rumah my parents. Punyala dua beradik ni berebut barang ni. Dengan Mikhael rebut, dengan Aqil rebut, memang jadi rebutan bola ajaib ni. Hehe. Bila terbalik upside down, "snow" akan turun dalam bola ajaib tu. Hehe.

Tak silapnya "Crystal Ball" ni some Christmas pressent I got from my former boss during my tenure with the firm. Lepas tu maybe terus posok je dalam drawer. Hehe. Masa last Saturday lepas jumpa bola ajaib tu, PinkGremlin pun sibuk nyanyi or rather hum the Christmas song to the kids. It goes like this..Ta dam da da da da da dam dam, Ta dam da da da da da dam dam, Ta dam da da da da da dam dam, Ta da dam da dam... ( lagu Merry Christmas biasa tu). Punya la dua orang tu happy tak tau kenapa. Pastu everytime tanya pasal bola ajaib tu, si Aqil panggil "Wan Chu, mana "Ta-Dam" tu?"

Hehe. Yang si kecik Mikhael yang tak reti cakap lagi, asyik goyang-goyang kepala bila PinkGremlin hum lagu tu. Hehe.

How a small thing can light up their lives eh. Happynya jadi budak-budak!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Facial Care Tips Untuk Si Comot

Hmm, semenjak dua menjak dah kahwin, muka dah jadi macam comot-comot sebab sakan sangat pimples naik. I wonder why. Could be because of age, skin care regime yang diamalkan, salah product or ada orang cakap hormones.

I read from here, Free Beauty Tips that we need to have this regime, Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise.

Face Care Routine
1. Cleansing
Women who wear makeup should carry out a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturing each evening, as well as washing the face in the morning. Cleansing will remove old make-up and the grime and grease that have been accumulated during the day.
2. Toning
Toners remove all traces of dirt, make-up or cleanser that remain after cleansing. Immediately after cleansing apply toner to the forehead and cheeks on a pad of cotton wool
Apply the toner to the crevices around the nose. Apply the toner to the crevices around the chin.
3. Moisturising
Without moisture, the skin will not remain smooth and supple. The face is exposed to the drying effect of the weather, so moisturisers -- which form a film over the skin -- contain and augment the natural moisture.

On the other hand, I read from Beauty Glam it says we have to Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturise.

The first telltale sign of aging? Your skin. While the dermis on your face shows signs of aging first, the skin on your entire body is vulnerable. No matter how old you are, you can start stalling Mother Nature now. Maintaining a basic daily skincare regimen is most important—simply cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing can keep saggy skin at bay. Hundreds of beauty products on the market are aimed at providing advanced protection and maintenance of skin, as well as wrinkle prevention and repair.

Siapa ada proper tips/guidelines to take care of your face? My face is now a place for pimples to grow on! Some said that it was transferred from my hubby. He used to have lotsa pimples but not anymore! Adakah boleh transfer? Is that possible?

And for the skin care regime, when do we exfoliate? When do we scrub? Or apply mask? When? Help!

See the very apparent pimples on my face!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Macam Mana Nak Pilih Partner/Spouse?

Ada dalam 2 or 3 hari lepas, MS and I went for a dinner kat one restaurant in my in laws' neighbourhood (dalam 5 minutes away from our rented place). Memang selalu juga kami makan kat restaurant ni. And ermmm my PIL's neighbourhood ni boleh kata ramai youngsters rempitan jugak.

So anyways, sedang makan tu tiba-tiba MS ckp suruh tengok this one girl sitting opposite us, eating with a couple. MS cakap nanti dia cerita about that girl afterwards. So I looked at the girl, she's not bad looking, should be in her early to mid 20s and looks normal too me.

Bila that girl and the couple dah habis makan, this was our conversation:-

MS: You nampak that girl tadi tu yang bawak Satria tu?
PinkGremlin: Nampak. Yang dengan couple tuh kan?
MS: Aha,husband dia dalam jail..
PinkGremlin: What do you mean dalam jail?
MS: Dalam jail la
PinkGremlin: Dia buat apa?
MS: Tak silap I pecah rumah or pecah kedai mcacam tuh la..
PinkGremlin: La, habis tuh girl tadi macam mana?
MS: Ntah, dengar dia nak mintak cerai
PinkGremlin: Macam-macam..Asing betul la..Apa husband ei ah ah er...(tak tersambung ayat sebab terus speechless)

You see, she's young and hubby is away in jail leaving her alone. It's weird to think that how can someone chooses someone else who is "wrong"..Of course some do not know the other's background, ya la, masa berkawan semua manis kan..but still, I would think that you can sort of gauge your partner's background from his attitude/body language/family/etc. But in some cases, maybe you truly can't. Maybe if that someone is so good of an actor/actress, no?

I have a few friends who are married and unmarried and complaining about their partner/spouse hmm maybe all the time, like 24/7. Ada satu yang dah nak bercerai because hubby dia asyik main kayu tiga. Ada satu lagi the partner memang asyik ignore her and lie to her all the time. And macam-macam lagi.

The question is, macam mana nak pilih? I have this friend who know her hubby thru net for like a year then terputus contact. Then met again thru net a year later, jumpa like I think 2 kali and decided to get married and terus merisik (mind you, after 2 kali jumpa) and got married like 5 months after that. I don't know what happens to her now.

As for me, I know MS for 4 years before we got married. Tapi kenal lama tak semestinya ok kan. I knew he was the one when he puts me above the rest. I was more or less his first priority. And more or less, still is now :). Tapi tak semestinya life is like a bed of roses saja kan. Kita tak tau apa yang akan mendatang. Cuma doa saja yang boleh kita amal kan, kan?

In the end, how do you choose your partner/spouse? By years of being together? By his attitude? By your instincts? Atau lain-lain. It's difficult to say kan because in the end, you never know how your nasib going to turn out kan.

My father says this all the time.."Marriage is a gamble, you never know.."

How did you choose your partner/spouse?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Weekends + Weddings

Memang best bila dapat cuti yang panjang macam last weekends. Macam-macam boleh buat, yang pasti boleh tidur lambat and bangun pun lambat! Hehe. What we did last weekends was pi Uptown Kota Damansara and attended weddings.

Uptown Kota Damansara
We went to Uptown Kota Damansara with Fai & Fiza on Thursday nite. My mission was to find some new scarves coz it's difficult to find my type nowadays sebab semua orang asyik jual tudung yang ada awning tu. Tudung cotton with colourful printed design macam makin pupus. So I know Uptown in Cheras ada banyak but this time around we tried Uptown Kota Damansara for a change. Tak sebest Uptown in Cheras but bolehla.

Ini yang paling banyak orang jual!

Macam-macam ada..from clothes to bags to
perfumes to ubat to toys..

Fai & Fiza cuba nasib cari inner scarf for their
upcoming wedding

I bought some brooch as well

Macam makcik nak borong scarf je kan..
Akhirnya, dapat dua helai je scarf!!

Kalau my nephews ikut, mesti kat sini je la!

Fiza & PinkGremlin
MS & Fai

Regardless of how few scarves I managed to find and buy, it was fun spending time at Uptown Kota Damansara till late coz esoknya cuti! Hehe. But the karoke sucks big time!

Wedding of Rizal & As
Malam Jumaat, we attended my cousin's wedding at Nelayan Titiwangsa. I expected that it was going to be panas and bising but hey, it was not. It was in fact a fairly beautiful wedding actually. Got to lepak-lepak with relatives and enjoyed the second last wedding of our cousins. Kira after Rizal, there's going to be one more wedding lagi. That will be the penutup of perkahwinan cucu-cucu Haji Mohd Walid. How time flies!

Newly wed, Rizal & As
Meja Santapan Beradab
The Nice Pelamin
MS, PinkGremlin & Mikhael
My "angelic" nephew, Airiel Mikhael
My other "angelic" nephew, Aqil Aqlan..
Punyala tak nak amik gambar becoz MS was around,
dia takut sangat dengan his Uncle Madir (MS). Hehe

PinkGremlin & sister, K.Na

Mikhael & Aqil yang kelaparan makan before the
pengantin arrived
PinkGremlin & her confidante', Amy
Tribe 4- PinkGremlin, Amy, K.Na & K.Julie
Pengantin "usang"?
Pengantin "usang" + pengantin "lagi usang"
P/S: Macam si Muza pegang tongkat ajaibkan..Hehe

A small part of PinkGremlin's big family

Overall, bestla the event as our family loves to meet up and lepak. Tapi I just loved the pelamin. I forgot to ask who did it but I saw a few men running around wearing Lynda Rahim's t-shirt. Probably it was by her but probably not. Anyways, I just love weddings! Hehe.

The Other Wedding
The next day, Saturday, we went to MS' cousin's wedding in Rawang. The theme colour was orange and it turned out ok as it was paired with white tatkala my impression has always been orange je, mesti pekatnya! Hehe.We stayed on late as all MS' uncles and aunties were there from Kuantan and Perak. So far mereka yang jauh ni susah nak jumpa.

Firdaus & Durra

Santapan Beradab
Ada pulak band!

Sampai je rumah malam tu, wow, the whole area was filled with policemen! Mereka buat "Ops Gagak Hitam". Haha, was I happy! Bagus, all the blacks staying there were questioned and some taken for overstaying etc. Yay! Hehe

Bestla Melaka, Tapi.. (Day 2)

Sambungan. Malam tu kami pergi Melaka River Cruise yang best sangat sebab dapat tengok-tengok bandar Melaka from the river. Ada banyak sidewalk cafe by the river bank, lepas tu ada fountain yang mana air dia akan terperecik atas orang-orang dalam boat masa lalu tepi dia. Other than that, cantik sangat because everything was lighted up! Ada jugak rumah-rumah lama yang dah dipulihkan and dipasang lampu-lampu by the river, semua ada penghuni. I heard local government bagi duit dekat semua penghuni tu untuk pasang lampu setiap malam. Overall, with RM10 fee dengan cruise for 45 minutes, memang worth it and best!

Lepas tu pergi Jonker Walk and supper or rather dinner kat area dekat-dekat situ. Sadly to say, tak sedap pun assam pedas dia! We went back to the hotel and slept at 2am!

Esoknya, pagi lagi dah bangun for breakfast and then we went to visit the most visited area, A Famosa and Stadhuys. Ok jugak.

Dora and PinkGremlin "shopping"

Dora and her super short violin course

Tengokla becha dia..colourful

Overall, memang best trip ni with my friends, tapi..I missed MS dearly eventhough it was for a very short period. I didn't think I would but hey, I did. Tak sama macam vacation with friends before kahwin dulu. Tak sangka!


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