Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday Makan-Makan on 28 Nov 09

Lama tak update blog and I promised my SIL, Syakirah @ Syasya this entry.

Ok, this birthday makan-makan session was on the next day after Aildiladha and it was for the birthdays of my FIL, S.Azam; my BILs Samsul & Lateef and my SIL, Syakirah. Buat makan-makan kat rumah my PIL. The dishes were cooked by my MIL and PIL (and yes, my PIL cooks!) and all the potong-potong etc was prepared by Syakirah. I was asked to come early tapi terlambat jugak coz MS susah sikit nak bangun that morning and we had to pick the cake up from TTDI.

Anyways, sampai-sampai sempatla potong sikit-sikit saja. Hehe. Bad PinkGremlin! Ok, hidangan-hidangan itu adalah nasi, sup tulang, daging korban masak kicap, ayam and daging bakar, kerabu sotong, marble jelly and papaya.

MS' family altogether has 7 members,
hence the banyak pinggan

Marble jelly

Daging korban masak kicap

Kerabu sotong

Ayam bakar

Daging bakar

Sup tulang

Setelah selesai lunch adalah sessi cake cutting yang Lateef je potong, tak tau masa tu mana birthday boys and girl menghilang. Hehe. See the cake. It's a carrot cake, as requested by my MIL. Sedap jugak. It's huge and very affordable. I ordered from Izan of TTDI. She used to have a brownie stall at Uncle Don's and Pasar Besar TTDI, but now her business is direct from home. I always order my cuppies from her as well. Sedap!

It was a nice makan-makan anyway. Ei, terasa nak chocolate cake pulak!

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  1. ngelat ni... ahaha jd tukang potong2 sikit pon jd la. asal ado.. :P



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