Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Weekends + Weddings

Memang best bila dapat cuti yang panjang macam last weekends. Macam-macam boleh buat, yang pasti boleh tidur lambat and bangun pun lambat! Hehe. What we did last weekends was pi Uptown Kota Damansara and attended weddings.

Uptown Kota Damansara
We went to Uptown Kota Damansara with Fai & Fiza on Thursday nite. My mission was to find some new scarves coz it's difficult to find my type nowadays sebab semua orang asyik jual tudung yang ada awning tu. Tudung cotton with colourful printed design macam makin pupus. So I know Uptown in Cheras ada banyak but this time around we tried Uptown Kota Damansara for a change. Tak sebest Uptown in Cheras but bolehla.

Ini yang paling banyak orang jual!

Macam-macam ada..from clothes to bags to
perfumes to ubat to toys..

Fai & Fiza cuba nasib cari inner scarf for their
upcoming wedding

I bought some brooch as well

Macam makcik nak borong scarf je kan..
Akhirnya, dapat dua helai je scarf!!

Kalau my nephews ikut, mesti kat sini je la!

Fiza & PinkGremlin
MS & Fai

Regardless of how few scarves I managed to find and buy, it was fun spending time at Uptown Kota Damansara till late coz esoknya cuti! Hehe. But the karoke sucks big time!

Wedding of Rizal & As
Malam Jumaat, we attended my cousin's wedding at Nelayan Titiwangsa. I expected that it was going to be panas and bising but hey, it was not. It was in fact a fairly beautiful wedding actually. Got to lepak-lepak with relatives and enjoyed the second last wedding of our cousins. Kira after Rizal, there's going to be one more wedding lagi. That will be the penutup of perkahwinan cucu-cucu Haji Mohd Walid. How time flies!

Newly wed, Rizal & As
Meja Santapan Beradab
The Nice Pelamin
MS, PinkGremlin & Mikhael
My "angelic" nephew, Airiel Mikhael
My other "angelic" nephew, Aqil Aqlan..
Punyala tak nak amik gambar becoz MS was around,
dia takut sangat dengan his Uncle Madir (MS). Hehe

PinkGremlin & sister, K.Na

Mikhael & Aqil yang kelaparan makan before the
pengantin arrived
PinkGremlin & her confidante', Amy
Tribe 4- PinkGremlin, Amy, K.Na & K.Julie
Pengantin "usang"?
Pengantin "usang" + pengantin "lagi usang"
P/S: Macam si Muza pegang tongkat ajaibkan..Hehe

A small part of PinkGremlin's big family

Overall, bestla the event as our family loves to meet up and lepak. Tapi I just loved the pelamin. I forgot to ask who did it but I saw a few men running around wearing Lynda Rahim's t-shirt. Probably it was by her but probably not. Anyways, I just love weddings! Hehe.

The Other Wedding
The next day, Saturday, we went to MS' cousin's wedding in Rawang. The theme colour was orange and it turned out ok as it was paired with white tatkala my impression has always been orange je, mesti pekatnya! Hehe.We stayed on late as all MS' uncles and aunties were there from Kuantan and Perak. So far mereka yang jauh ni susah nak jumpa.

Firdaus & Durra

Santapan Beradab
Ada pulak band!

Sampai je rumah malam tu, wow, the whole area was filled with policemen! Mereka buat "Ops Gagak Hitam". Haha, was I happy! Bagus, all the blacks staying there were questioned and some taken for overstaying etc. Yay! Hehe

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