Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Macam Mana Nak Pilih Partner/Spouse?

Ada dalam 2 or 3 hari lepas, MS and I went for a dinner kat one restaurant in my in laws' neighbourhood (dalam 5 minutes away from our rented place). Memang selalu juga kami makan kat restaurant ni. And ermmm my PIL's neighbourhood ni boleh kata ramai youngsters rempitan jugak.

So anyways, sedang makan tu tiba-tiba MS ckp suruh tengok this one girl sitting opposite us, eating with a couple. MS cakap nanti dia cerita about that girl afterwards. So I looked at the girl, she's not bad looking, should be in her early to mid 20s and looks normal too me.

Bila that girl and the couple dah habis makan, this was our conversation:-

MS: You nampak that girl tadi tu yang bawak Satria tu?
PinkGremlin: Nampak. Yang dengan couple tuh kan?
MS: Aha,husband dia dalam jail..
PinkGremlin: What do you mean dalam jail?
MS: Dalam jail la
PinkGremlin: Dia buat apa?
MS: Tak silap I pecah rumah or pecah kedai mcacam tuh la..
PinkGremlin: La, habis tuh girl tadi macam mana?
MS: Ntah, dengar dia nak mintak cerai
PinkGremlin: Macam-macam..Asing betul la..Apa husband ei ah ah er...(tak tersambung ayat sebab terus speechless)

You see, she's young and hubby is away in jail leaving her alone. It's weird to think that how can someone chooses someone else who is "wrong"..Of course some do not know the other's background, ya la, masa berkawan semua manis kan..but still, I would think that you can sort of gauge your partner's background from his attitude/body language/family/etc. But in some cases, maybe you truly can't. Maybe if that someone is so good of an actor/actress, no?

I have a few friends who are married and unmarried and complaining about their partner/spouse hmm maybe all the time, like 24/7. Ada satu yang dah nak bercerai because hubby dia asyik main kayu tiga. Ada satu lagi the partner memang asyik ignore her and lie to her all the time. And macam-macam lagi.

The question is, macam mana nak pilih? I have this friend who know her hubby thru net for like a year then terputus contact. Then met again thru net a year later, jumpa like I think 2 kali and decided to get married and terus merisik (mind you, after 2 kali jumpa) and got married like 5 months after that. I don't know what happens to her now.

As for me, I know MS for 4 years before we got married. Tapi kenal lama tak semestinya ok kan. I knew he was the one when he puts me above the rest. I was more or less his first priority. And more or less, still is now :). Tapi tak semestinya life is like a bed of roses saja kan. Kita tak tau apa yang akan mendatang. Cuma doa saja yang boleh kita amal kan, kan?

In the end, how do you choose your partner/spouse? By years of being together? By his attitude? By your instincts? Atau lain-lain. It's difficult to say kan because in the end, you never know how your nasib going to turn out kan.

My father says this all the time.."Marriage is a gamble, you never know.."

How did you choose your partner/spouse?

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