Friday, December 31, 2010

Kisah Nursing

Lamanya tak update blog. Apa pun kali ni kembali dengan kisah berkaitan anak la jugak, al maklumlah PinkGremlin ni first time mommy, ni la kaedahnya bila update blog. Hehe.

Kali ni nak cerita pasal nursing. Firstly, it's about nursing rooms kat shopping malls. Or some calls it as baby's room or even mother's room. Whatever name it is labelled as, yang pasti for mommy and baby. And I wish to say that these rooms are very convenient for mommies! Sangat la menolong, from changing diapers, breastfeeding and even rocking your baby to sleep. Boleh katakan most of the shopping malls provide nursing rooms. Yang pasti JJ memang ada nursing room.

A short review on the very little nursing rooms that I have been to. Kalau nursing room kat JJ, I noticed that they even have an individual room for not just mommies to breastfeed tapi untuk tidurkan and rehatkan baby coz they have a baby cot in each room. Tapi tahap kebersihan baby cot tidaklah diketahui ya. Overall JJ punya nursing room yang ada that individual room, diaper changing tops, bathrooms for babies, air panas and all, I will give hmm 3 star la kot sebab tak begitu memuaskan dari segi kebersihan tapi facilities yang ada memuaskan. Sunway Pyramid punya nursing room quite ok tapi kecik sikit la kot tapi ada individual room to breastfeed, play area for toddlers, air panas and baby bath liquid and diaper changing top. Tahap kebersihan boleh tahan, I rate it as 4 star. And so far yang paling memuaskan ialah Subang Parade punya mother's room! It is so clean, ceria and besar. Ada individual rooms to breastfeed, toilet, play area for toddler, diaper changing tops and air panas. Memang 5 star. Hehe. Mari lihat gambar.

Mother's Room at Subang Parade

Anak yang happy

Baby's Room at Sunway Pyramid

Ok, on a related topic, breastfeeding in public area is made easy by the invention of nursing covers/poncho. I am a fan of this product! Sangatlah menyenangkan. I bought my nursing poncho at Fabulous Mom. Sangat senang, terus sarung and my baby does not complain, he is ok sucking away under the poncho.

Kat Sunway Pyramid.
Nampak kah kaki kenit yang terkeluar itu? Hehe

Lagi satu, ah PinkGremlin sangatlah happy bila pulang ke office dan first day pump kat office dapat 11 oz from 2 sessions, pagi jam 11.30am and petang jam 4.15pm. Am dapat 7 oz and pm dapat 4 oz. Sangat terkejut sebab selama ni pump asyik dapat 20ml to 2.5 oz je. Selalunya 1 oz and that was done in tandem masa bf baby, yang mana sepatutnya hasil ialah meriah. I dunno if it was because I used manual pump before (I borrowed my sister's Avent) and am using Medele Mini E now. May be, may be not.

Tapi memang banyak sangat usaha dah buat nak tambahkan hasil  milk. Macam-macam dah makan. Currently I am taking full cream milk, kurma and not to be missed, chocolate. Saya sangat hantu chocolate sekarang. Mesti makan setiap hari, kalau tak makan rasa sedih. Haha. Tak tau la if chocolate works for me in producing more milk. Tapi, apa-apa pun syukur alhamdulillah sebab memang niat PinkGremlin tergila-gila nak bf baby. Siang malam doa bagi milk banyak and tak pernah putus asa walau mula-mula production kurang and some people keep on saying saya tak banyak susu. Walau sedih sangat bila orang cakap macam tu, I was so determined (still am) untuk bf baby, setakat tambah formula sikit kadang-kadang I don't mind tapi makanan ruji baby harusla my milk and not formula.

Entah lah, berkat my determination agaknya, Allah kabulkan permohonan saya. Sekarang alhamdulillah I can get about 10 to 12 oz from 2 sessions kat office (kalau rajin balik rumah pump sekali lagi malam, dapat dalam 2 to 3 oz), so daily pumping plus stock ebm yang dah buat before balik keje (I managed to get 50 oz, alhamdulillah walau pump sekali 1 oz ke 2 oz je masa tu) I now can provide 5 X 3 oz untuk Thaqif everyday, alhamdulillah. Thaqif minum dalam 15 to 18 oz while I am away at work. Mudah-mudahan milk saya makin bertambah and berterusan dapat provide milk for Thaqif.


EBM first day back at work

EBM second day back at work

My Medela Mini E, I am happy with it tho'
it is highly noisy! Hehe

Lastly, since breastmilk is the best in the whole wide world, keep on breastfeeding no matter what people say. Some do not have the privilege of knowing how good breastmilk is for babies, so it is our job to educate them, insyaallah Allah permudahkan jalan. Ramai juga yang menganggap breastmilk tak mengenyangkan baby, but the truth is breastmilk bukan sahaja mengenyangkan baby, ia memberi nutrients yang terbaik dan mencukupi dan berubah mengikut umur dan keperluan baby sedangkan formula berbeza. Yang menampakkan formula mengenyangkan baby adalah sebab dia lambat dihadamkan so baby tahan lebih lama sedangkan breastmilk senang dan cepat dihadamkan jadi nampak macam baby banyak and cepat nak minum balik. apa-apa pun kita pulang balik pada logic and reason behind the existance of breastmilk. Tanya diri kenapa Allah ciptakan dan wujudkan breastmilk...Renungkanlah..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photos of Thaqif Shah

Pinky pinky..

Hey, what happened to my barut?

Who did this to me huh??

Si bulat bulat

Back off, I'm the security on duty!

It's weird, it feels like going to space..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Tips On Breastfeeding & EBM

I think most of us, the first time moms especially wish to exclusively breastfeed our babies right? Some of us are very lucky to be blessed with superb supply of breast milk while others are also lucky to have such supply, if not superb.

I am personally in the latter. Blessed with supply of breast milk, though not superb. I have tried and am still trying to increase such supply. I have taken the pill, eat some food that is believed to have increased so many mothers' supply of milk and so on.

Just as I reached at the stage of feeling quite down as my milk supply does not result in a "stockable" EBM, I received a text message from an old friend asking about my baby. And from thereon, it is as if Allah sent someone as learned as her to guide me through this tough moment, I got more tips on BF and EBM. Alhamdulillah, I am back on track and more determined to try and stock up my EBM so that my Thaqif can get enough when I return to work.

Just to share the tips I got from her where she got from her lactation consultant and friends, here it is..

1. Eat lobak putih and bayam
2. Drink full cream milk and loads of water!
3. Drink a mixture of boiled dried longan, red dates and gula batu
4. Don't ever skip rice
5. Eat, eat and eat (don't be afraid of gaining weight)
6. Eat at 8am, 11am, 1 pm, 4pm, 8pm and 10pm
7. At 4pm, eat delicious food such as goreng pisang, cheese cake, choc cake
8. At 11am you can eat fruits, kueh or biscuits
9. Pump every 4 hours
10. Drink while pumping
11. Before pumping, massage and press your boobs (atas ke bawah) and press where you feel there's a lot of milk
12. After each feeding, pump out the milk

According to my friend, the key word is "eat and eat and eat and drink loads of water". She has suggested me to stock up 18 oz per day (6 X 3 oz) assuming baby drinks every 2 hours. She has also motivated me to stock up even if your gain on a particular day is just 1 oz! And after hearing from her, I am so relieved and eager to try out her tips. Thanks Azni!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amalan Semasa Berpantang

Hi, I'm almost done with confinement barulah nak post this entry kan. Hehe. Ya la, banyak benda nak kena buat. Anyway, just want to share "who" are my best companion during confinement period. Hehe.

Daily dose- Jeli Gamat, Tablet Haruan (Leesa Formula).
Tablet Prawan (Leesa Formula), Manjakani,
Moridone pill (increase BM), Neurobion pill (urat saraf),
[not in the pic- Ubat Periok & Longan from Sensei Cina]

Body application- Sabun mandi Zeodari, Minyak gosok Mestika,
Lotion pati halia Yusmira & Leesa Formula body contour gel

Bengkung corset cangkuk for day wear

Spanx Super Higher Power for nite wear

Tungku preparation

Tungku dah siap

Ginger cream from Leesa Formula

Those are the things I use during my confinement period. I'll be saying good bye to them soon and see you not too soon. Hehe.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thaqif and Walid + Breastfeeding

Hello, lama tak ada entry kan. Kita ingat pantang banyak free time because you are not at work, but no, you are dead wrong! There are so many things to be done. Panjang berjela list benda nak buat if I were to list down.

Cakap pasal pantang, I have like a week plus to go, yay! Tak sabarnya nak keluar dan menghirup udara luar! Ok cakap pasal pantang lagi, antara `kerja' yang asyik kena buat ialah breastfeeding. As for me, I breastfeed Thaqif and ada jugak campur formula. Tak dapat nak exclusively breastfeed sebab my production tak sebanyak yang boleh exclusive. Tapi semakin hari semakin kurang bagi formula, sekarang bagi bila nipples dah sore tak boleh tahan and sebab tak pump lagi, so takada la stock, memang direct feeding. So bila keadaan macam ni baru la bagi formula.

Alhamdulillah lagi kerap breastfeed Thaqif, lebih banyak milk production rasanya. And PinkGremlin ni amalkan makan kurma, minum air longan kering, lobak putih and makan kuchai. Tak tahu la if amalan ni menolong tapi rasanya memang milk production seperti meningkat sedikit demi sedikit.

Cerita pasal increasing the production of one's breast milk, ada banyak petua amalan pemakanan, tapi yang dapat dari antenatal class at KPJ Selangor adalah seperti berikut:
1. Ulam pucuk pegaga
2. Lobak putih
3. Jantung pisang
4. Kuchai
5. Kobis
6. Kacang hitam + ayam + red dates soup
7. Air red dates
8. Bijan hitan (bubur/kueh)
9. Ikan mau yau, kurau@mayong
10. Air rebusan biji halba
11. Ikan yu (soup/curry)
12. Murungay leaf

Banyak lagi kalau ikutkan petua orang-orang tua, tapi ini yang diketahui PinkGremlin la. Tapi baru-baru ni, after a friend of mine tried the pill and the result was good, I decided to follow suit and asked for the presciption from my doctor. This pill is regularly used to stimulate the production of breast milk. Ramai ibu yang ambil anak angkat ambil pill ni untuk susukan anak angkat. So far, I have taken the pill for a few days and my breasts feel heavy! Although my fwen was luckier as her breast milk is flowing out like a fountain, tapi syukurla PinkGremlin punya bertambah juga. The pill is called Moridone. Jadi sesiapa yang mahu mencuba, can get it from your doctor.

And perkembangan Thaqif, dia kuat muak, lepas breastfeed mesti nak muak even after dah burp and tegakkan kan dia lama. Doctor kata normal. Ya la, if muak sikit setitik dua normal la, I have read on that tapi ni banyak juga. Hmmm....macam mana nak hantar kat babysitter, siapa yang sanggup tunggu 30 to 45 minutes untuk burp and tegakkan dia! Risau kalau tak dia muak masa tidur, kalau tertelan balik sebab tak ada orang angkat dia how??? Harapla dia tak muak lagi.

Ah, picture for this entry is Thaqif dengan walid dia. Tengokla sedapnya dia sleep tak bergerak-gerak atas walid dia!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Oh Baby & Pantang

Hi, sudah lama tak bersiaran. Al maklumlah sedang dalam confinement kan, macam-macam nak dibuat. Breastfeeding alone takes up a lot of time. Sekarang dah hari yang ke 19 berpantang. It will be over soon. Cepatla, tak tahan nak keluar pi shopping malls. I am so a mall person. Hazab rasanya tak dapat pi shopping malls.

Hidup berpantang sangatlah membosankan tatkala makan kena pantang, pergerakan pantang, semualah pantang, tapi syukur la makanan masa pantang PinkGremlin masih ok, my mum and MIL masak berselera jugak la nak makan. So far dah makan fried rice (anchovies and blackpepper saja rencahnya), nuggets and McD porridge. Ribena hari-hari pun minum. Makanan pantang lain masih masakan orang pantang tapi tak la strict macam setengah-setengah orang. Cuma air tak sejuk memang menyeksa jiwa ni. I am so an ice person. Gassy drink bilakah akan ku dapat teguk? Huk huk.

Confinement kat rumah sendiri sebab ambil confinement lady (CL) tapi after 5 days tengok-tengok orang tua tu tak tau apa-apa pasal beranak caesarean! Ada ke nak urut and tungku cara normal delivery kat perut orang caesarean, jaga baby pun ala kadar, memang tak pernah tidur siang masa CL ni ada sebab tak confident langsung dia dengan baby! Ended up, we sent her back on the 5th day. Rugi duit betul! So sekarang MS tak kasi amik new CL sebab takut kejadian lama berulang balik. So now my mum and MIL gilir jaga plus amik tukang urut saja. So far dah urut 3 kali. Considering taking a new one sebab mahal sangat yang ni. RM350 for 3 days. Urut sahaja, tak ada tungku or mandi herba! Memang sedap dia urut tapi too expensive rasanya. Sesiapa ada nak recommend tukang urut best?

Kisah bersalin pulak, jadi caesarean becoz my baby breech masa the 38th week check up so doctor tak nak ada further complication so terus buat elective surgery. The weekly check up tu was on the Saturday, the 2nd October. Before ni pun doctor dah warning yang I might have to go for caesarean sebab kan ketinggian yang less 150cm and my shoe size adalah 3 or 4 depending on the brand. These are the factors to be considred. So memang dah happy sebab orang ni memang takut nak beranak normal and rasa contraction. Tup tup on the 2nd Oct doctor scan and the baby was in a breech position. Terus doctor scheduled surgery the next day! Terkejut sangat sebab ingat doctor bagi a few days ke, rupanya esok tu jugak.

Overall experience bersalin caesarean, I can definitely go thru it again. So bagaimana rasa contraction, I do not know. Hehe. By the way, my fwen Fiza also  delivered her baby boy on the same day via caesarean at the same hospital, dia first in line, lepas tu my turn in the OT. Apa-apa pun, alhamdulillah semua dah selamat and our baby boy is healthy.

Inilah dia, again, our newborn-
Syed Thaqif Shah bin Syed Mohd Mahathir Shah

About 2 hours after delivery.
People said he looked just like me.

All washed up.

Home sweet home on the 3rd day.

In his baby cot, accompanied by "elly".
Hehe bedsheet gambar elephants.

Happy dia sleep macam superman.


After feeding, macam keletihan
sebab lahap sangat minum ya?

Provided by Hospital Umra as samples.
I beleive it is yummy as Thaqif likes it.
Dah siap mix and sealed in this bottle.
Bila nak guna just bukak and insert teat
or like us, we pour it into the bottle.
Easy peasy! Wonder how much it costs..

His bottle.
We decided to use Breastflow to prevent
Thaqif from getting confused with the real teats.
This bottle is one of the products that was created to
imitate real boobies. Hehe.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Newborn!

I have safely delivered our newborn!

D.O.B- 3rd October 2010
Time- 11.58 am
P.O.B- Hospital UMRA, Shah Alam
Weight- 2.96kg
Method- Caesarean

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Look Like Special Agent Oso

First of all, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan. Lama dah tak update blog because busy and kemalasan melanda. Anyways, how's Ramadhan been treating you guys? As for me, alhamdulillah, nasibla kena puasa time 3rd trimester, terkena time 1st or 2nd trimester tak tau la macam mana. Masa 1st trimester asyik la loya, 2nd trimester pulak macam kuat makan sangat...Hah datang 3rd triemster, selera kurang, so memang sesuai la berpuasa time ni kan. So far so good and harap la dapat achieve impian nak puasa for 30 days.

Ingat kot, bila preggie ni, memang tak larat nak masak sahur, rupanya makin menjadi-jadi compared to last year. Maybe because I have to cook rice and lauk so that baby tak hungry (ke so that mummy tak hungry hah?), jadi masakla beria-ria la jugak. Kalau last year, both of us selalu sahur roti la, mee la, ketiew la, tak ada sangat nasi and lauk, but this year memang lain.

Ok, preparation for the arrival of our baby dah more or less langsai. Barang-barang semua dah ada, cuma nak basuh baju baby tertangguh coz our next door neighbour is doing some renovation to his porch. Punya la berabuk bila sidai baju and plus our cars are wrapped in debris! Yang lain-lain tu, nak assemble baby's chest of drawers (hey daddy! bila mau buat?) and tunggu baby cot sponsored by my parents sampai dalam 2 weeks or so. Oh, thank you opah & atuk! Nanti lain kali upload pictures of barang-barang yang dah beli for baby ya.

As for this mummy, yang ada hanya maternity pads, nursing pads, disposable panties and kain batik satu sahaja yang dah jahit. Yang tak beli lagi is jamu, socks, flip flop. Ah tu je kot. So maksudnya memang bag baby and mummy belum pack!

Okla, jamula mata dengan the pictures below ya. Anyway, kata my officemate, Khairi, badan saya dah macam Special Agent Oso (cartoon kat Astro) kat bawah ni. Macam ketat and nak burst saja kalau saya pakai vest macam Oso kat bawah ni. Hehe.

And ada pictures from Antenatal Class at KPJ Selangor yang we attended in my 6th months' of pregnancy. The class was ok and useful.

Special Agent Oso

Baby dolls as sample used during
bathing session

Ready nak exercise. Belakang tu Fiza, we
went together with Fai & Fiza

Exercise for preggers. Bagus tapi tak
amalkan pun! Huhu

The proud parents to be....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Baby Jo


During my 24th week, I was scheduled for a detailed scan. Normally, memang detailed scan is done roughly at 6 months and it's done to detect any physical abnormalities of the baby. Alhamdulillah, semuanya ok. Our Baby Jo's physical appearance / limbs / body parts are perfect. Mintak dijauhkan dari apa-apa yang buruk.

So, these are the 4D scan result of our Baby Jo...

Apa Baby Jo buat tu?

Clapping baby's own lil hands? Hik..

Cutenya tangan halus tu..Hehe

Hey! Don't disturb me, I'm sleeping!

Baby pegang apa tu??

Ah, tak sabarnya nak jumpa Baby Jo!! Tapi mummy ni berdebar nak deliver!! Huhu..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tak Tahan Tahap Kecomelan Barang Baby!

Nak update pasal further purchase of barang-barang Baby Jo dalam masa 2 to 3 weeks kebelakangan ni. Belum pi beli tahap pukal coz nak tunggu Pureen Warehouse Sale and other sale, so tahap belian masih kecil-kecilan. Banyak lagi tak beli dalam list tu. Huhu.

Anyways, PinkGremlin ambil kesempatan sale yang melanda baru-baru ini untuk beli barang-barang Baby Jo. Memang tak tahan rasa macam nak grab semuanya! Cute-cute belaka! Dah la halus mulus sizenya!

Mari tengok apa yang dapat grab during sale itu hari.

From sale at Mothercare- Socks with
various sizes

From sale at Parkson- Hooded towels
and small towels

From sale at Cotton On Kids-T Shirts.
MS' fav is the one with car! Hehe.
Yang ni RM15 each!

From sale at Marks & Spencer-T Shirts.
Ada satu t.shirt tak boleh upload
gambarnya pulak! Yang ni 3 for RM59!

Nak rantau ke Marks & Spencer outlets lain pulak coz kat KLCC punya dah takde size lain! Hah, tak tahan, kalaula ada helicopter, tiap-tiap hari balik kerja jalan cari baju-baju Baby Jo kat Marks & Spencer and Cotton On Kids and lain-lain lagi! Hehe, tak tahan!!


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