Monday, January 25, 2010

Kerana Cardigan!

Hello. How was your weekends? Mine was normal. Nothing extra ordinary happens. Yesterday, I asked MS to go to Sungei Wang, a place that we seldom go since we are religious Mid Valley's patrons. Nak ke Sungei Wang semata-mata nak carik cardigan! I seached for it kat Sunway Pyramid last Friday, tak ada! Before this tengok-tengok jugak kat Mid Valley and Subang Parade pun tak jumpa! So from past experience I know there are a number of kedai-kedai baju yang jual cardigan kat Sungei Wang. Peningnya la. We got stuck in the traffic for about an hour or so. Finally got a parking spot in Lot 10. Kat Sungei Wang/BB Plaza punya la macam kat Hong Kong. No one to blame since nak CNY dah pun. Tapi hazabnya. I told MS, I'm never going there again! I think he graciously agreed! Dia pun rasa kami macam pi melancong ke Hong Kong! Hehe.After one hour or so searching for the cardigan, tak jumpa yang disukai, and since I couldn't stand it anymore, we went to hang out kat Pavillion. Phew~~~ What a relief.

Betul ke dia ni pergi gym every
Monday, Wednesday & Friday?
Macam nampak tummy tub je? Hehe

Eii, pudgy nya orang ni!

Pavi, sempena CNY

Ignore this pudgy girl.
I like this area at nite, banyak mat salleh lepak minum.

Aha! Waiting for something?

MS: Where's my lil' pudgy wife ni? I don't think
it's difficult to spot her..Hehe

MS, happy with his monthly pau. See here.
Yes, it was time for his Caramel Macchiato again.

MS: No more my lil pudgy wife
MS: Thank you Puan Pau, my darling! Hehe

Pengajaran semasa ialah saya tidak mahu pergi Sungei Wang lagi maybe for the next few years! And yes, we will religiously go to Mid Valley again.


  1. mana cardigannya? jumpa ke tak setelah buat rantauan jauh tu?

  2. aha dpt lg hubby pink pau ek bln ni. next month pulak. :p

    i pon suka pkai cardigan n slalunya beli mng je. elle kadang2 ada tp slalunya xde. kalo kat pavilion tu try la kat forever 21. mesti belambak. tp 1 think i dun like bout dat place is kedai dia mcm x termanage dah baju campak2 sana sini.

  3. Cik Agent,
    Tak jumpa cardigan impian tuh pun, susah nak cari the right material and design yg aku nak!

    Ya, tiap bulan kan mmg kena pau dgn air impian dia tuh..hehe

    Ada tuh ada cardigan yg mcm I nak kat either MNG or Forever 21 (BTW, I pun suka baju and barang kat Forever 21. Hehe), tapi the material tuh yg lain. Yg material mcm I nak tuh ada kat butik2 cina kat Sg Wang mcm tuh! Hehe. Ada jumpa kat Zara, cantik sangat tapi nipisnya ala hai...



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