Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Makan Place With Nice Ambiance- Fullhouse

Remember this entry when I said that I am a sucker for a makan place with nice ambiance? Now here's another makan place which has a nice interior design, memang menarik and best. Santai-santai dengan partner or even friends, memang ok. Yang cantik tempat ni is that everything is white, macam English design pun ada. They have 3 branches so far. One is at Jalan Yan Kwan Seng (as seen below), others are at Ara Damansara (Ara Jaya) and Sunway Pyramid.

Front view

Fullhouse originated from Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Some of the items sold at Fullhouse

Nice table center piece


The cream soup is the best!
Mashed potatos
PinkGremlin's Chicken Wings (sebab tak tau
nak order apa!)
Dora's Chicken Chop
Kerel's meal (can't remember what!)
PinkGremlin & Dora
Gelapnya gambar adik waiter tangkap!
Kerel, Dora & PinkGremlin

Well, though the ambiance is nice and all, the food is ok la. But there's nothing much on the menu. The price ranges from RM4.90 to RM39.00. And for those who wants to feel the air in Hong Kong or Taiwan, you are welcome to Fullhouse (if you catch my drift, hehe).


  1. mmg very nice place n makanan2 tuh betoi2 wat perut ryna gruk2..haha..

  2. nampak cantik tempat ni. putih ni cantikkan, aku pun suka putih. rasa mcm nak hias rumah color putih, tapi kalau aku buat gak, for sure akan ada kesan tumpahan milo, tumpahan muruku, tulis2 color. hahahahah

  3. Ryna,
    Memang nice place Fullhouse tapi penuh and bising jugak...

    Haha, for sure kalau rumah concept warna white je smua akan banyak tinggalkan kesan dek 2 hero kau tuh..Hehe



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