Friday, February 19, 2010

What A Pleasant Birthday Surprise!!

My 32nd birthday was on the 9th February and MS and I celebrated it by having a simple dinner at the Secret Recipe, Sunway Pyramid kerana saya tak mau makan western and just had western a few days before that at Chilli's. So dah tak tau nak dinner kat mana, I suggested Secret Recipe saja.

So, after Maghrib we went to Sunway Pyramid yang masa tu berpusu-pusu orang nak masuk coz nak shopping for CNY. Jadi kami sama-sama pusu masuk. Hehe.

One happy hubby who was more than
willing to pay a tiny birthday dinner bill!

MS' dinner, Beef Lasagna

The birthday girl yang tak pandang
kiri kanan nampaknya

I had Tom Yam Kung!!! Sedapnya la
if dapat menghirup nya sekarang..hehe

So, all in all my 32nd (arghhhh I'm old!) birthday was nice as it was also celebrated with a hubby and though we did not go anywhere fancy this year, I had a super pleasant birthday surprise!!, on the eve of my birthday...









Yes, I'm gonna have a baby! Hehe

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sedap Makan Place- Demam Kueteow Ke?

OK, selalu asyik cerita pasal makan place with nice ambiance je kan. This time around nak cerita pasal makan place with nice food kerana tak semua makan place yang ambiance nya menarik rasa makanan dia sedap! Ni last Thursday, MS, Fai, Fiza & I went for dinner at TTDI Jaya Shah Alam for the nicest char kewteow in Shah Alam. Ah, memang lazat dan menggiurkan rasanya. Char keuteow ni ada berbagai size, yang biasa, besar, special and besar special. Price starts from RM4. Memang ada kerang and udang. Ah lazat. Kalau ada free time and ada kat area Shah Alam, try la rasa kat kedai ni ya. Ah..lazat..

Fiza's, without udang

MS', besar special (tamak!)

Fai's, besar

Mine, biasa

Aimar Corner, TTDI Jaya Shah Alam
"The Best Place To Get Delicious Kueteow"

Gaya asyik cerita pasal kueteow macam demam kueteow pulak kan? Hehe.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Percubaan Masak Kueteow Ladna!

Sebab asyik masak nasi dan lauk-lauk last week (somehow terlepas dari halangan MS yang tak bagi masak nasi for dinner), this week I have decided that no more rice for the whole week. So the normal mee/meehoon/kueteow goreng or soup dah bosan. So I decided to try some new receipe. Realised that MS has been ordering kueteow ladna of late kat kedai makan so, what the heck, cuba je la kan. So, yesterday I tried it, got the receipe from the net, mana lagi kan. It's pretty easy actually.

Ini caranya.

Bawang ditumbuk, sayuran suka hati & cili api

Ayam or daging or udang lagi bagus coz manis

Sos tiram & tepung jagung

Bawang dan ayam di goreng dulu

Then comes the sayuran, cili api and sos tiram
(if you like, can add a bit of chicken cube)
Dah nak dekat masak baru add in tepung jagung
yang dibancuh dengan air.
The kueteow on the othen hand digoreng dengan
kicap separately ya.

Hasilnya, tapi kuahnya dah kena serap
dengan si kueteow!!!
So next time, I will be more carefull in
estimating the curahan air. Hehe.

Try la, senang and not bad rasanya.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's With The RM5 Note?

Do you remember the good old days when a lot of us describe our hobby as "mengumpul setem"? Hehe. I did so when I was a kid. Back then hobby "mengumpul setem" was like a trend or something like that. Everyone has stacks and stacks of "buku setem". Hehe.

Anyways, I have been hit by a new hobby recently. It was all because of my cousin, Amy. Last Thursday we talked about saving money, "perlumbaan menyimpan duit", "tabung rahsia", "tabung paksaan baby" and etc. It all refers to the ways of how both of us save money. Amy and hubby for instance have a seperate "tabung rahsia" each where each of them saves up money and put it in their own "tabung rahsia", sort of a race between them on who can comes up with more saving at the end of the day. MS and I on the other hand, have what we call "tabung paksaan baby" jointly where we save up money for our future baby (not pregnant yet btw, hehe). That seems the only way we can force and make ourselves save up every month. Mutual trust fund or even insurance based investment or etc is besides the point as they are of different league. The most important mission is how to literally save up cash.

At the end of our conversation, Amy said "Oh, kami ada cara lain jugak untuk simpan duit. Kami husband and wife collect RM5 note yang hijau tu!"...Whoa, I didn't give much thought to that at first until I was at home.

And now, I am proud to say that, I am one of them. A RM5 note collecter! as opposed to "pengumpul setem". Hehe. And since last Friday, I managed to save 5 pieces of RM5 note!! Yay! Sekarang everytime terdapat RM5 note, I will quickly simpan!! That's my new hobby. And harap-harap dapatla menimbunkan RM5 note sehingga jadi sejuta! Haha. Bukan main lagi angan-angan kan.

It's a thrill, really, coz you can't simply ask for RM5 note or even get RM5 note, it's like you wait to get it from some sellers or just about anyone you deal with. Memang best "game" ni!! You can give it a try too! Oh yes, why RM5 note and not RM1 or RM10 or even RM100? Because it's quite difficult to get RM5 note compared to RM1 and RM10. As for RM100, besar la pulak nilai, tu dah jadi tabung acara lain pulak kan. Hehe.

Now, what's your "hobby" like?

Ah, RM5 note, kamu sangat berharga! Hehe


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