Saturday, April 24, 2010

Maternity Wear

Hah, I am close to 16 weeks now and most of my pants and clothes are about to burst when I wear them now. Especially my work pants, work shirts and baju kurung as well! I can still fit into my jeans but that will be out soon too!

So, I have been searching and surveying maternity clothes for the past 2 weeks, online and at the shopping malls as well. I found out that most of the malls have Modernmum, but other than that, not that much choice.

Went to JJ to browse through Miki Maternity but not many choice either..Hmmm..Susahla nak cari maternity wear yang cantik, long sleeve and does not really cost a bomb. Tapi, jangan mimpila, semuanya mahal so, no choice la kan. Yesterday after work singgah ke Sunway Pyramid's Modernmum jumpa la yang berkenan and long sleeve, good quality fabric and ada discount 50% pulak, tapi bila try sleeve tu besarnya!!! And that's the design regardless of what size pun! Tak la beli sbb kembang sesangat sleevenya!

The sales assistant kat Modernmum brought out a few more long sleeve design for me to try, ada yang ok tapi material tak best and for that tak best piece je it's RM89. Lain la material best....So I went out of Modernmum empty handed. Tapi dapat jugak work shirt kat JJ yang fabric and design ok and it costs only RM50. Hopefully, esok ada lagi yang cantik-cantik and long sleeve kat Mid Valley.

Hmmm...mana lagi kedai yang jual maternity wear yang ok ya??

I like something like these.....

Tapi pants pun problem jugak, mahal sangat and after bersalin, nak campak tepi kan semua tu!! I found a lot of comfy pants and rata-rata it's like RM130 and above per piece. Rasa macam kalau tak de choice grab saja la kan...Oh MS....$$$$, nak belanja I?? Hehe


  1. mmg mahal la eda.... so far kat JJ yg paling murah.... ada la kot kalau yg mcm kat kedai2 cina yg tak dak brand tu.... beli le selai 2 dah la kalau yg mahal tu... boleh simpan for next baby....beli sekali je... next time tak payah beli dah.

  2. x mo tgk agi..huhu..

    pink..dtg ambik award d blog ryna..



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