Monday, May 24, 2010

1st Anniversary And Baby Update

The 23rd May 2010 is our first wedding anniversary. Memang rasa sedar tak sedar je dah 1 year! For this anniversary, we have yet to celebrate it memandangkan ada good friend MS kahwin so tak cukup time nak celebrate. Hopefully next week la.. Hehe

Anyway, to my dearest MS, happy anniversary.
I am so thankful to be able to come this far; with you.
I am so thankful that we found each other.
I am so thankful that you are the one.
And I think I must have done something good in my life to have you now.
And you are still the one and will always be the one.

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Tak pernah perasan ada gambar hantaran
coz dalam album macam tak ada je..Hehe

Solemnisation on 23rd May 2009,
Subang Jaya

Reception on 24th May 2009,
Petaling Jaya

Mr Peter, my former boss yang merenjis.
He was the one who actually "introduced" us,
in a way. But the pengapit, Azizan was the
actual person who "brought" us together.

My good friend, Kerel was the emcee
that nite and he did a really superb job.

And went for antenatal check up on Saturday. Everything looks good and hmmmm, we saw the gender. Doctor showed us the gender actually. It's a boy. Hehe. Satu rambo kenit nampaknya and boy, MS was so so so so so happy! Apa-apa pun alhamdulillah.


  1. pink..hepi 4 u..

    hepi 1st anny.n moga bahagia berkekalan..

  2. Ryna,
    TQ. Kita pun harap begitu.

    TQ for the wish :)

  3. aha x pnah tgk ur pic kawen. anyways, cantek n sweet la nikah pkai pink. u pon nmpak comell. ahhh seems like skang dh start trend boy plak ke. most of my fren pon boy gak. so my baby is gonna play wif lotsssss of rambo kenit ;)

  4. Kin,
    Hehe, sekarang trend boy ya? Hehe, if that's the case memangla your baby is going to play with lotsa rembo kenit..Hehehe...Tapi doc cakap, she might be wrong, I think nanti dah 7 ke 8 months ke baru jelas and boleh conmfirm rambo kenit ke princess in pink ke..Hehe



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