Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Lurve

Today is MS' birthday and he's now as old as I am!! Yay! Hehe..

Anyways, since we are having birthday dinner with MS' family tonite, I took him for our own private birthday dinner on the eve of his birthday, semalam. Initially we wanted to dine in at the Chillis or Ittalianies kat Empire Shopping Gallery yang baru bukak kat belakang Subang Parade tu tapi bila sampai tengok both are not opened till the next 2 weeks katanya. So we went to TGIF Subang Parade instead.

I always do a surprise birthday celebration for MS since we started courting back in 2005 coz I am a surprise lover/freak. But I guess not this year becoz so many things are going on, pindah rumah baru, kepenatan due to pregnancy and plus people have been telling me not to do it this year sebab sure MS dah tau there's gonna be a surprise for him kan. So walau pun agak kecewa dengan takde surprise, I still did a tiny surprise for his birthday pressie.

You see, MS is the kindda guy who is very teliti and choosy when it comes to his things, be it clothes, gadgets ah semuala..So i have never bought him a present without bringing him to choose. Kalau tak takut dia tak suka. Except for perfume maybe. Anyways, I knew right away what to buy him as a few weeks ago kita jalan-jalan kat Sunway Pyramid, dia suka satu Polo polo shirt but didn't buy it. Hah! Just my luck kan. So semalam balik keje terus pi beli and sorok dalam my handbag. Bila dah habis dinner I gave him his birthday card. After he read it, I asked him, nak pressie ke, dia senyum je sebab mesti rasa ah bolehla dia mintak apa dia nak since wife dia dah tanya kan. So he looked like he was sort of thinking what to ask for his pressie when I took out his pressie dari handbag. He looked totally shocked and delighted sebab I know he didn't expect it as I always bring him to buy his pressie kan. And I was so glad when his face lit up when he saw what was wrapped. Senang cerita dia sangatlah happy. Hehe.

To MS, happy birthday sayang.
I lurve the life we have now.
I hope Allah will always double up our rezeki.
I can't wait to meet our baby.
I hope your wish to change to E39 materialises.
And I lurve you, always.

TGIF yang sentiasa hiruk pikuk, hehe

Yummy appetizer, Fried Mac & Cheese

Grilled Lamb, his all time fav..

Some pasta, can't remember its name...hehe

Birthday boy reading his card

I swear his face was much more delighted before I took
this pic! Hehe

See my bloated self at 17 weeks!


  1. happy birthday MS!may god bless u n family always.

    pink! dah nampak perutttt! its ok bloated time pregnant cantek n xde sapa berani sound pape. happy 17weeks pink! btw x sangka kan kita cuma beza 3-4 weeks.

  2. Eda....u are so cute with the tummy.....

    Kite celebrate 6th anniversary on 1st May hari tu....dalam pantang.... kat rumah je... tp dah hari ke 39... ok la kan....
    sehari sblm tu siap ajak mak ayah pi parkson cari hadiah.... tak padan dgn dalam pantang.... hehe...


  3. Kin,
    Mmg tak pa bloated time pregnant tapi lepas deliver apa macam? Hehe, tak susah nak turun ke? Hehe. MS said TQ for the wish.Ya, la tak sangka beza dlm almost 1 month..Mmg tak sangka kita "jangkit" dari Kin dulu..hehe

    Amboi, dah 6 years ya, kita ingat lagi time Mona kawin dulu..Semoga berbahagia sampai bila-bila ya!!Wah, dah 39 hari, lagi skit je kan! Sure tak sbr nak habis pantang, tu yang tak kisah ke Parson carik hadiah tu kan! Hehe. Kirim salam pada parents Mona ya..



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