Friday, May 21, 2010

Sampin Pink Berkhidmat Lagi After 1 Year

How time flies!!

Today is the 21st May 2010 and on this coming 23rd May 2010, MS and I will be married for a year already! A year!! Macam tak percaya coz cepatnya. Anyway, this entry is not about our wedding anniversary tapi about sampin pink.

On the 23rd May 2009, we wore matching pink attire for our solemnisation and to match MS' baju melayu, he wore a light pink coloured sampin. See the picture below. And almost a year after that, (almost coz beza 2 hari saja) sampin pink itu berkhidmat sekali lagi, tapi di majlis akad nikah orang lain, tapi orang lain itu ialah MS' good friend, Yues who I believe has safely been solemnised this morning.

It's just something to me. Wouldn't have thought that the sampin pink will berkhidmat di majlis nikah setahun lepas kami kahwin..Hehe.

Well, that's about it today. To Yues & Nisa, Selamat Pengantin Baru and we'll see you tomorrow and on Sunday, insyaallah.

Tak sempat cari gambar sampin pink
yang lebih clear, tapi inilah

Yues, wearing striped t-shirt, squatting
in front row, second from the left
(vacation with MS' friends in Janda Baik, Dec 2009) 

Yues, sitting, first from the left
(Fai & Fiza's wedding, Jan 2010)

Siapa pulak next in row? Azizan? Sham? Or miraculously Comel? Hehe.


  1. omg! btol la cite kita ni quite similar. recently pon i kan celebrate my 1st year kan ngan hubby. masa anny eve tu ada jemputan kawen n dia pakai sampin yg dipakai masa nikah. ahahahahahahaha seriously we have a very similar coincident :D

  2. Hah! Benda yg sama jadik kat u! La, taktaula berapa banyak lagi coincident yang ada kan :) Hehe



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