Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Surprise Anniversary Getaway & Babymoon

Hah, finally I managed to post this entry! Dari Monday nak post tak sempat-sempat coz too busy with work.

Hah, in conjunction with our 1st wedding anniversary, I had planned a surprise getaway for us. Being a queen of surprises or rather a surprise freak, I didn't plan for MS' surprise birthday celebration this year since it's becoming too predictable already. Dah 4 years berturut-turut dok buat surprise birthday celebration for MS! So this time around, it was more intimate as in just the two of us sebab selalu for his surprise birthday celebration, mesti PinkGremlin libatkan his fwens. Hehe, not this time around.

Anyway, I decided to celebrate our 1st anniversary by going somewhere, so about a month before our anniversary, I booked this place in PD called Thistle Port Dickson Resort. Thanks to Mar and Nonie who recomended this place. So selepas booked teruslah memikirkan how would I deliver this surprise dan seperti biasa, kerana kepala otak ku ini ialah mahluk surprise, idea memang banyak.

So I told my sister and close cousins (Tribe 4) about this idea and they said ok sangat. Initially I booked on 23rd & 24th May betul-betul hari anniversary kami tapi ada pulak kenduri kawin MS punya close fwen so I had to change to 30th & 31st May, a week after that.

Hmm, now I had to persuade MS to amik cuti as 31st was a Monday. Couldn't really book on  Sat & Sun as MS works on Saturday, full day. So I told him I have some plans to celebrate our anniversary and it involves 2 different days as in 2 stages. Supaya MS ni tak syak la yang kami akan overnite somewhere; as in vacation. I told him I will tell him what were the plans for 30th and 31st when those days come. So dia pun apply lah cuti.

So pagi 30th, PinkGremlin ni bangun pagi and masak-masak and pack everything. When I finished cooking I asked MS tau ke apa plan nya.. Dia cakap, "Nak pergi picnic kan?"..Exactly!!! That was my intended cover up excuse! Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang. So I told him correct and that I will reveal where lepas mandi and nak siap bertolak. Hehe.

Oh ya, pagi lepas solat Subuh, PinkGremlin dah siap pack beberapa helai baju and pants for both of us and pack sekecik-keciknya  supaya boleh sumbat dalam "my so called picnic bag"..Hehe. Initially nak podok kan baju-baju dalam trunk kereta tapi tak boleh sebab tak tau nak pi dengan my car or his car, so change of plan. Sambil pack "picnic bag", podok kan "bag baju" kat bawah "picnic bag" and tutup pulak dengan table cloth yang konon-konon nak dijadikan alas masa picnic. Hehe.

So bila bagi tau nak picnic ke PD, he wanted to take his car sebab laju and cepat sampai compared to my car. So sebab kami bertolak tengahari rembang panas, I told him I had arranged with a fwen who works with a hotel there for a picnic at a private beach (of the hotel) and he believed it. FYI, muka saya memang boleh nak lakon untuk surprise. Memang tak ada masalah. Very convincingly done. Hehe.

Once dah sampai depan Thistle (on the way I told him the place where my fwen is working at) and he dropped me and parked his car. So PinkGremlin terus ke reception. Sedang sibuk uruskan MS muncul rite at the time orang tu mintak credit card for securing purposes. Terus PinkGremlin mintak from MS. Dia yang terpinga-pinga terus bagi and at that time I told him that this is the actual surprise, we were going to spend the nite there. Dia tersenyum lebar. Tapi tak tanya ni, macam mana dengan baju? Guys will always be guys.

Lepas dah dapat keys, PinkGremlin terus bukak my big handbag and tunjuk dia his deoderant, hair gel, toothbrush and perfume (lepas dia siap before bertolak baru dapat grab semua tuh sebab kalau grab awal-awal dia tau la kan, so handbag la jadik mangsanya..) Dia tersengih-sengih pas tengok barang-barang dia terpodok dalam my handbag. Hehe. Tapi dia dah tau wife dia ni memang kalau pasal surprise serba lengkap. 

So, that was my surprise plan for him and of course I paid for the getaway, kata surprisekan.. Hehe. We enjoyed our time there and it was almost like our Phuket honeymoon trip but on a smaller scale of course. It was indeed a memorable and unforgettable anniversary celebration, really. And it was also our babymoon sebab pas ni taktau sempat ke nak pi babymoon. And our baby pun sangat suka and asyik kick bila swim kat laut and masa hang out tengok live band!!!! Hehe.

The truth is, I will never ever forget this trip.

Cantik biliknya, memang comfortable.

Surprisingly ada sejadah and Al-Quran..

Bathroom sangat spacious and menarik..Hehe

Kami tak picnic kat beach pun, hehe.
In room dining saja..Hehe

Nasi goreng

Ayam goreng drummets

Sambal ikan bilis
Inilah "picnic" nya. Hehe

Dinner kat Nasreen Songkhla Seafood,
murah dan sedap!

After dinner at the hotel lobby
Cumulus, the open air "bar" with
attached inifinity pool to chill!!
One of the amazing and brilliant ideas
by the hotel I'd say!
Live band performing at Cumulus,
quite nice and they were called Dynamic Angels.

The attached infinity pool at nite..

The once again honeymooners (or babymooners)
hehe enjoying their time at Cumulus till
almost 1am! Hehe..Lama dah tak berlive band
sebegini semenjak tinggalkan uni..Hehe
The next morning, at the attached
infinity pool..

The hotel's bigger pool. Memang sangat besar
and cantik..

Mini "Sunway Lagoon" for kids

Oh, just the preggers and her hubby..

The happy couple...

Last but not least, the unique bottles.
Mereka just refill, unlike other hotels yang
provide mini bottled shampoos and
what not.

Ah, this place is highly recommended for romantic getaway, small gathering with family or friends...Till another surprise..


  1. pink..bestnya..kalau sll dapat surprise..lagi best kan..hehe..

  2. hey..keciknyeee perut u..adakah u berdiet atau xnampak dlm pic?bestnye mesti senang nak slim after bersalin gile babymoon.i plan nak pegi legend water chalet je kt PD..thistle ni PD gak kan..cantik!!.plus gov rate pun quite affordable..we might try thistle also...

  3. Ryna,
    Hah,nanti bila pi babymoon ke, buatla surprise ya. Hehe

    Perut i tak kecik sebenarnya. Nampak je kecik tapi in real life orang kata besar! Pi la babymoon before 3 rd trimester. Nak pi berkali2 pun boleh. I heard Legend Water Chalet pun best!!



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