Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When You Think You Really Know That Someone...

Today's entry is about my hubby, MS.

Today he has to take an important exam. And he has been studying for it for about 2 months or so. For a person like him to take an exam after leaving the books for several years, I know it's tough. And for a technical person like him to take such a non-technical exam is even tougher. And for a working adult like him to take such exam, what more working in construction line with crazy working hours, is also tough.

I didn't expect that he would study and revise for this exam religiously. Again, due to the fact that he said good bye to the books quite sometime ago and the fact that everytime he comes home from work, his phone would still be ringing being calls from work; including the time when he was revising for exam. Plus, he's a very technie minded person and this exam is far from being technical! I was, sincerely worried for him.

But on the day he brought back all his notes; all nicely and neatly compiled and bounded, I was surprised and realised that he really was working hard on it. And I was more surprised when he carried the notes to work almost everyday. Being his girlfriend for almost 4 years and his wife for a year, I know really well what's the situation like in construction site. Mana ada time nak baca! Dah la panas, bising and voice coming out from walkie-talkie like all the time.

Tapi rupanya sangkaanku meleset. MS read his notes every free time has has! During inspection by government agencies la, during "break" time la and etc. I was surprised when I questioned him on some of the questions/reading materials, he had gone through them!

So, regardless of how the result would turn out, I am just so proud of him.

Just when I thought I really know him....

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