Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Tips On Breastfeeding & EBM

I think most of us, the first time moms especially wish to exclusively breastfeed our babies right? Some of us are very lucky to be blessed with superb supply of breast milk while others are also lucky to have such supply, if not superb.

I am personally in the latter. Blessed with supply of breast milk, though not superb. I have tried and am still trying to increase such supply. I have taken the pill, eat some food that is believed to have increased so many mothers' supply of milk and so on.

Just as I reached at the stage of feeling quite down as my milk supply does not result in a "stockable" EBM, I received a text message from an old friend asking about my baby. And from thereon, it is as if Allah sent someone as learned as her to guide me through this tough moment, I got more tips on BF and EBM. Alhamdulillah, I am back on track and more determined to try and stock up my EBM so that my Thaqif can get enough when I return to work.

Just to share the tips I got from her where she got from her lactation consultant and friends, here it is..

1. Eat lobak putih and bayam
2. Drink full cream milk and loads of water!
3. Drink a mixture of boiled dried longan, red dates and gula batu
4. Don't ever skip rice
5. Eat, eat and eat (don't be afraid of gaining weight)
6. Eat at 8am, 11am, 1 pm, 4pm, 8pm and 10pm
7. At 4pm, eat delicious food such as goreng pisang, cheese cake, choc cake
8. At 11am you can eat fruits, kueh or biscuits
9. Pump every 4 hours
10. Drink while pumping
11. Before pumping, massage and press your boobs (atas ke bawah) and press where you feel there's a lot of milk
12. After each feeding, pump out the milk

According to my friend, the key word is "eat and eat and eat and drink loads of water". She has suggested me to stock up 18 oz per day (6 X 3 oz) assuming baby drinks every 2 hours. She has also motivated me to stock up even if your gain on a particular day is just 1 oz! And after hearing from her, I am so relieved and eager to try out her tips. Thanks Azni!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amalan Semasa Berpantang

Hi, I'm almost done with confinement barulah nak post this entry kan. Hehe. Ya la, banyak benda nak kena buat. Anyway, just want to share "who" are my best companion during confinement period. Hehe.

Daily dose- Jeli Gamat, Tablet Haruan (Leesa Formula).
Tablet Prawan (Leesa Formula), Manjakani,
Moridone pill (increase BM), Neurobion pill (urat saraf),
[not in the pic- Ubat Periok & Longan from Sensei Cina]

Body application- Sabun mandi Zeodari, Minyak gosok Mestika,
Lotion pati halia Yusmira & Leesa Formula body contour gel

Bengkung corset cangkuk for day wear

Spanx Super Higher Power for nite wear

Tungku preparation

Tungku dah siap

Ginger cream from Leesa Formula

Those are the things I use during my confinement period. I'll be saying good bye to them soon and see you not too soon. Hehe.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thaqif and Walid + Breastfeeding

Hello, lama tak ada entry kan. Kita ingat pantang banyak free time because you are not at work, but no, you are dead wrong! There are so many things to be done. Panjang berjela list benda nak buat if I were to list down.

Cakap pasal pantang, I have like a week plus to go, yay! Tak sabarnya nak keluar dan menghirup udara luar! Ok cakap pasal pantang lagi, antara `kerja' yang asyik kena buat ialah breastfeeding. As for me, I breastfeed Thaqif and ada jugak campur formula. Tak dapat nak exclusively breastfeed sebab my production tak sebanyak yang boleh exclusive. Tapi semakin hari semakin kurang bagi formula, sekarang bagi bila nipples dah sore tak boleh tahan and sebab tak pump lagi, so takada la stock, memang direct feeding. So bila keadaan macam ni baru la bagi formula.

Alhamdulillah lagi kerap breastfeed Thaqif, lebih banyak milk production rasanya. And PinkGremlin ni amalkan makan kurma, minum air longan kering, lobak putih and makan kuchai. Tak tahu la if amalan ni menolong tapi rasanya memang milk production seperti meningkat sedikit demi sedikit.

Cerita pasal increasing the production of one's breast milk, ada banyak petua amalan pemakanan, tapi yang dapat dari antenatal class at KPJ Selangor adalah seperti berikut:
1. Ulam pucuk pegaga
2. Lobak putih
3. Jantung pisang
4. Kuchai
5. Kobis
6. Kacang hitam + ayam + red dates soup
7. Air red dates
8. Bijan hitan (bubur/kueh)
9. Ikan mau yau, kurau@mayong
10. Air rebusan biji halba
11. Ikan yu (soup/curry)
12. Murungay leaf

Banyak lagi kalau ikutkan petua orang-orang tua, tapi ini yang diketahui PinkGremlin la. Tapi baru-baru ni, after a friend of mine tried the pill and the result was good, I decided to follow suit and asked for the presciption from my doctor. This pill is regularly used to stimulate the production of breast milk. Ramai ibu yang ambil anak angkat ambil pill ni untuk susukan anak angkat. So far, I have taken the pill for a few days and my breasts feel heavy! Although my fwen was luckier as her breast milk is flowing out like a fountain, tapi syukurla PinkGremlin punya bertambah juga. The pill is called Moridone. Jadi sesiapa yang mahu mencuba, can get it from your doctor.

And perkembangan Thaqif, dia kuat muak, lepas breastfeed mesti nak muak even after dah burp and tegakkan kan dia lama. Doctor kata normal. Ya la, if muak sikit setitik dua normal la, I have read on that tapi ni banyak juga. Hmmm....macam mana nak hantar kat babysitter, siapa yang sanggup tunggu 30 to 45 minutes untuk burp and tegakkan dia! Risau kalau tak dia muak masa tidur, kalau tertelan balik sebab tak ada orang angkat dia how??? Harapla dia tak muak lagi.

Ah, picture for this entry is Thaqif dengan walid dia. Tengokla sedapnya dia sleep tak bergerak-gerak atas walid dia!


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