Thursday, February 24, 2011

Of Better Days

Beberapa hari ini PinkGremlin senyap saja sebab dilanda apa yang paling ditakuti oleh breastfeeding mommies. Milk production yang quite low. Hmmm..memanglah dah diketahui yang there are times that you will experience a low production but I did not really expect it as I was enjoying every tiny moment when I am able to produce more or less enough for Thaqif every single day from 3 pumping sessions only. Saya adalah orang yang sangat susah nak bangun malam dan Subuh untuk pump, memang liat jadi saya sangat la happy bila pump 3 times boleh dapat more or less bekalan untuk Thaqif the next day.

Jadinya selepas low production melanda, PinkGremlin gegas browse sana sini cari puncanya. Dan cari solution. Cari dan cari. I am so thankful I stumbled upon Momma Mia's blog. Dalam blog ni ada banyak sangat link to other blogs of breastfeeding mommies. PinkGremlin terus ok balik and my determination was instantly fully recharged. Yang penting memang seperti yang saya pegang dari dulu ialah your mind set. It helps and changes things, of course with God's will. Insyaallah semua boleh.

Allah maha penyayang. Dia tahu bila manusia lalai dan berpuas hati dan tidak beringat. Maka saya adalah antara yang terpanggil untuk memperbetulkan keadaan. Tak dinafikan saya sudah kurang berdoa lepas solat agar milk production saya sentiasa meningkat dan tak menurun. Saya makin lupa. Lepas tu agak cuai sebab ada makan and minum yang tidak sepatutnya. Lepas dah tersedar, PinkGremlin bergegas menyediakan dan buat apa yang patut. Antaranya beli minuman yang saya rasa pada fikiran saya membantu pulihkan my milk production.

Longan +red dates, choc milk & soya bean

Alhamdulillah, hari ini sudah semakin pulih. In fact, pertama kali pump dapat 9 oz per session, walau agak lama sikit dari biasa. Thank you Allah for making me a strong person in this journey.


Lagi yang mengembirakan, PinkGremlin jumpa karung Santa ni kat my work station semalam. My gang at the office bought this lovely pressie for my birthday. A bit belated as my birthday was on 9.2.2011. Tapi memang suka! And I am so blessed to have this gang yang sekepala di office!

And finally for my friend Mona, as requested, this is the note on handling of EBM that I stick to Thaqif's basket. Sorry lambat ya Mona.

Mona, sebab susah nak nampak, kita type kat sini. The note says:

1. Sentiasa simpan susu di d alam peti ais sebelum diminum. Simpan di bahagian teratas (bukan freezer) dan paling dalam (bukan di pintu).
2. Apabila ingin diminum, panaskan susu menggunakan air suam-suam panas (bukan air panas sangat) agar nutrients di dalam susu kekal. Air yang terlalu panas akan merosakkan/menganggu nutrients.
3. Apabila telah dipanaskan, susu tidak boleh dimasukkan semula di dalam peti ais. Susu yang dipanaskan boleh tahan dalam suhu bilik selama 2 jam jika baby belum minum/sentuh mulutnya di puting. Jika baby telah minum sikit tetapi tidak habis, susu boleh tahan 1 jam dari masa selepas dipanaskan. Baki susu yang melepasi masa harus dibuang. Susu yang telah dipanaskan sekali tidak perlu/boleh dipanaskan semula.

Bila baca balik note ni, rasa macam nak tambah lagi sikit la nanti, most probably:

4. Susu dari botol-botol yang berlainan hanya boleh dicampurkan/disatukan hanya jika suhu susu di dalam botol-botol tersebut adalah sama.
5. Turutan nombor di botol susu harus diikuti agar susu yang tidak disentuhi langsung (di dalam peti ais) boleh disimpan/dibekukan untuk akan datang. Kebiasaannya botol yang bernombor awal seperti 1, 2 dan 3 adalah stok susu beku yang dicairkan dan harus dihabiskan dalam masa 24 jam dari masa ianya cair. Jika susu ini tidak dihabiskan dan melepasi 24 jam, ianya haruslah dibuang, tidak boleh disimpan semula kerana telah luput.

Tapi bahasa yang untuk tambahan kat note tu macam formal betul pulak kan. Hahaha.

Oh ya,tagline harapan PinkGremlin sekarang ialah "Harap hari ini lebih baik dari semalam.."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No TV for Thaqif!

Of late, Thaqif has shown some interest in watching TV. Initially we would always switch off the TV whenever he started gluing his eyes on the TV for fear of him ruining his eye sight. But then, when he is occupied by watching the TV, we discovered that we get to do quite a number of house chores. So we did let him watch some once in a while. And we heard that TV can in a way, teach some educational stuff to kids. Heck, that was so wrong! Thanks to my cousin, Aliya for this. See below:

The marketing pitch is enticing - “watch this especially produced show to make your baby smart” or “watch this video, and it will develop your baby’s brain.” Many parents are happy to leave their kids with these shows because these shows act as good babysitters that can entertain their babies while they are busy with everyday work. Parents do not feel guilty because they think that when their babies or toddlers are watching these shows, it is “quality time”.

Programs (and videos) geared for babies are becoming popular. Since Teletubbies has been successful in appealing to viewers under age 3, the creators of Sesame Street launched Sesame Street Beginnings that also target this age group. A 24-hour cable channel for babies, BabyFirstTV was launched in the U.S. and will be launched in Canada by July 2007. The average Canadian kid watches 14 hours of TV a week; the average American, three hours a day—two hours a day for babies. Also, according to a University of Washington Research, 40 percent of three-month-old babies are already watching TV.

But is TV (and Video) really good for babies and infants under age 2? According to Dimitri Christakis of Children's Hospital in Seattle and writer of the The Elephant in the Living Room: Make Television Work for Your Kids, while older children can learn from educational shows, no study has shown that babies benefit from watching television and video. In fact, it can actually do harm:

•The first 2 years of your kid is a critical time for brain development. Watching TV steals time away from your kid’s exploring, interacting, playing with you and others, and actively learning by manipulating things around him. These are activities that help your kid develop the skills they need to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.

•When your kid plays, he is actively learning about how the world works. He wires his brain by experimenting with cause and effect. When your kid interacts with people, he meets his emotional milestones. TV keeps your kid away from these activities.

•The first 2 years of your kid is also a critical time for learning language. Language is only learned through interaction with others, not by passive listening to TV. If you not respond to your kid's attempt to communicate, your kid could miss this important milestone. Also, your kid will not learn to talk by listening to TV characters baby talk or talk down to him. Your kid learns to talk by mimicking adult language. He learns from the adults’ simplified but correctly pronounced speech.

•Note that when your baby smiles at the TV, the TV does not smile back. This may affect him socially and psychologically.

•Speech and language Dr. Sally Ward found that over the last 20 years, an increasing number of 9-month-old children are having trouble paying attention to voices when there is also background noise coming from the TV. This may affect their paying attention in class when they go to school.

•Also, when kids who watch TV go to school, they have to make a change from being primarily visual learners to listening learners. If a kid watches more TV than interact with the family, he will have a hard time making this transition, and his school learning will suffer.

•Dimitri Christakis, a pediatrician at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle, found that children who watched television as babies are more likely to have shorter attention spans, problem concentrating and impulsiveness by age 7. He also states that although Attention Deficit Disorder is genetic, TV can also trigger this condition because TV rewires the baby's brain. The still-developing brain adapts to TV's fast pace and overstimulation.

•Also, in his study, Christakis found that children who watched TV as babies are less able to recognize letters and numbers by the time they go to school. A 2005 University of Pennsylvania study found that watching Sesame Street before age 3 delayed a child’s ability to develop language skills. This may be because babies are wired to be active and not passive learners.

•Many TV shows and videos geared to kids are actually teaching them the wrong things. They distort reality with their cartoonish and unnatural depiction of the world. Also, the pacing of these shows is fast and teaches the baby’s sponge-like brain to always expect fast-paced input. The real world, as they will soon find out, is much more boring and requires patience to adapt to.

•Many other studies have found that long-term exposure to television diminishes children's ability to communicate via reading and writing. It can also lead to attention and learning problems in the long term.

In 2008, France's broadcast authority has banned French channels from airing TV shows aimed at children under three years old. The High Audiovisual Council of France have found out that "Television viewing hurts the development of children under three years old and poses a certain number of risks, encouraging passivity, slow language acquisition, over-excitedness, troubles with sleep and concentration as well as dependence on screens."

Here are tips to keep in mind regarding babies and TV watching:

•Child experts agree that children under 2 should not watch any TV at all – and this also includes videos, computers and video games.

•If you have to do work that requires concentration and you cannot multitask, do it at a time when your baby is napping. If this cannot be avoided, let your kid play with toys on the floor or in the playpen instead. Arrange a caregiver who interacts with your child if your child craves for human companion (which he naturally does).

•Interact with your child as much as possible. He needs this to build his brain. Respond to his smile, speech and actions. Entertain, recite rhymes, and sing to him in an engaging way. No show on TV can beat what you have to offer. Your voice, touch, smell, and your reaction to things he does are what he craves. Don’t let your baby be passive.

•Do not expect that you can use TV and video to tutor your child or will have any positive effect on his brain. At best, it should be a means for you to take a half-hour break from interacting with your child in a way that will help him developmentally.

•If your baby has to watch TV, watch with him, and make watching an interactive event. Reinforce what he sees on TV by talking or singing to him.

Looks like Thaqif is never going to get to watch TV for quite some time eh? Hehe.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Talk & Milestone

(Left: Thaqif-Right: Mirza)

Mirza: Friend, tengokla kita boleh angkat kaki tinggi..
Thaqif: Hmmm..

 Mirza: Friend, try la angkat kaki
macam kita jugak.. Tryla..

Thaqif: *senyap*

 Mirza: Eishh, tak faham-faham kan,
degil kan, cubit telinga! Cepatla
angkat kaki jugak macam kita!!

Thaqif: Hey!! Gelila, terkeluar air liur tau..

Hehe. Ini friend Thaqif, namanya Mirza. Same birth date, 3 October 2010. Selang about 2 hours je dengan Thaqif. Same hospital, same method (c-sect). Same neighbourhood. Hehe. Mirza is actually my friend, Fiza's son. Tak sangka kami ni kawan and pregnant first baby same time, EDD selang 2 hari tapi deliver same time, same place. Dah la kawan, neighbour pulak tu. Hehe. Memang seronok share cerita pasal anak.

Ni Thaqif masa a few days dah boleh meniarap. Asyik bergolek-golek rolling over meniarap je kerjanya even malam masa orang dah tido! Thaqif formally boleh meniarap masa 2 days before he reached 4 months. Formally bermaksud the time when I saw him meniarap. Sebelum tu ada tapi tak nampak. Tau-tau dah flip over dah. Tak nampak the whole process. So I counted from the time yang betul-betul nampak the whole process. Hehe, lambat sikit la sebab dah at the end of his 3rd month. Given any other way, I'm still a proud mommy. Hehe.

So far, his 4th month's milestone:
1. Main air liur buat bubbles
2. Mulut chap-chap macam nak makan bila tengok orang makan
3. Kuat bersembang/cakap-cakap
4. Angkat butt bila niarap, mengesot ke depan ke belakang
5. Tangan macam dah pandai pegang bottle tapi ta dapat grip betul lagi

OK lah, nak mandikan Thaqif. Bye.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Routine Harian Berkaitan Breastfeeding

Setiap hari, inilah my routine lepas pick up Thaqif from my MIL's place (dulu kat babysitter tapi now no more). Penat memang penat sebab sampai rumah jam 9 macam tu sebab biasanya dinner sekali kat rumah MIL. And in between buat kerja, Thaqif nak minum jugak and sambil tu nak pump jugak. Tapi untuk menjayakan my breastfeeding journey for Thaqif, I am willing to continue doing this for as long as it takes.

 Sampai rumah terus masukkan EBM dari cooler
bag ke fridge

 I prefer to give Thaqif as much fresh EBM
as possible so kadang-kadang tak rotate pun
frozen EBM. Bila rotate, I will replace the
same amount of fresh EBM with the frozen
EBM taken. Untuk thaw dia, I put it in
a container containing air paip and masuk
semula dalam fridge

 Setelah dibasuh, bottles dipodok
dalam container ni dulu

 Terus sterilise 5 feeding bottles dulu
untuk siap-siap letak EBM dalam feeding bottles
to be stored in the fridge

 Siap-siap susun other parts dalam another
steriliser so that Subuh boleh terus masuk
air and push the On button

 Dah siap transfer EBM from storage bottles
ke feeding bottles, terus simpan dalam
fridge. Biasanya bottles 1, 4 & 5 ialah
fresh EBM while bottles 2 & 3 ialah frozen
 EBM. Reason being, pagi-pagi biar Thaqif
minum fresh EBM sebab dia ada history
menolak EBM in bottle pagi-pagi masa
dulu la. Bottles 4 & 5 in case Thaqif tak
sentuh pun, I can still keep the fresh EBM
for tomorrow

 Senangkan kerja babysitter/MIL, the sterilised
teats n caps are readily assembeled, jadinya
tinggal nak pasang je bila EBM dah dipanaskan.
I keep these dalam container yang telah dicurahkan
dengan boiled water masak masa Subuh

Ready to go!

I try to ease the burden of my MIL (or even babysitter masa dulu) sebab mereka dah sanggup jaga and accept EBM, so saya cari banyak info dari other bloggers on how to make it easy for caretakers to handle our EBM.

Selain tu, PinkGremlin pun letak a note dekat basket isi barang-barang peminuman Thaqif. Note tu is a brief info and guide on how to handle EBM termasuklah cara penyimpanan sebelum minum, cara pemanasan EBM, daya tahan EBM lepas dipanaskan dan yang berkaitan kerana PinkGremlin ni jenis rasa "bersalah" nak terangkan panjang lebar pada caretaker macam mana handle EBM walau sepatutnya I should do that. Rasa macam "mengarah" pulak and takut caretaker rasa intimidated seolah-olah mereka tak reti handle EBM walau pada hakikatnya ada babysitter yang tak tau sepenuhnya macam mana nak handle EBM.

OK. Satu wishlist PinkGremlin for the time being ialah:-

The Mebby Double Sterilizer & Dryer has two functions: sterilising and drying. It has an LCD display. By pressing “Sterilize” the appliance will start sterilising; by pressing “Sterilize/Dry” the appliance will start sterilising and automatically will start drying; by pressing “Dry” the appliance will dry only. At the end of each cycle, the appliance makes a beep alert sound 8 times.

Once your chosen procedure is completed, the steriliser will start to automatically count down for 12 hours. If it is still plugged into the mains at the end of this time and another cycle has not started, it will alert you to start another cycle.

This system is to help guarantee the health and safety of your baby. Large capacity: holds up to 6 baby bottles and accessories.

Rata-rata online store jual at discounted price RM340 macam tu dari normal price is RM388. Ada satu online store jual RM290! Tapi bukan tak nak beli, dah ada 2 steriliser rasa macam kejinya kalau beli lagi satu macam tamak haloba saja. Unless ada orang bagi present! Hehe.. Bestnya kalau dapat. Ada dryer tu yang best and this steriliser holds up to 12 hours. Yang mine, it keeps the bottles sterilised up to 6 hours je kalau tak keluarkan dari steriliser tu la.

Hah, ada satu persoalan pasal keringkan the sterilised bottles. How do you do that? I mean lepas sterilise simpan mana untuk keringkan? Drying rack ke? Nanti dia tak terexpose ke? Mintak tolong bagi pendapat/tunjuk ajar. PinkGremlin google dapat ni:-
There’s no need to remove the sterilised feed equipment from the steriliser until you need to make a feed. Keeping the bottles in the steriliser with the lid closed will keep them sterilised.

When you need to make a feed, clean and disinfect the work surface you're going to use. Then wash and dry your hands. Take a sterilised bottle from the steriliser and put it on the clean surface. Use sterilised tongs to place the teat, lid, retaining ring and cap out ready, preferably on the upturned lid of the steriliser.

Make sure you don’t leave the sterilised empty bottles out for long, as they will quickly lose their sterility. This is not usually a problem when sterilisers have built-in storage facilities and bottles can be removed when required. If you can’t do this, re-sterilise any equipment that you’ve taken out and haven’t used straight away.

Maksud dia macam tak perlu keringkan?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabaran Membawa Baby Guna Car Seat

Hello. Entry hari ni lebih kepada nak bertanya dari bercerita.

Sesiapa yang ada baby below 1 year, I think most of us mommies akan hadapi this common problem. Problem bila bawa baby dalam kereta letak dia dalam car seat while the mommies drive.

I have had varoius experiences membawa Thaqif dalam car seat. Dari dia menangis, menjerit, melalak-lalak, mengomplen, gelak-gelak, hilang suara sebab nangis lama sangat, berpusing macam nak terjun dari car seat, mengamuk sakan, hah semua dah rasa! Hazab betul!

Yang paling letih ialah walaupun it is a short journey like 10 minutes pun kena "pit stop" sebab Thaqif dah ngamuk sakan nak breastfeed! Yang paling tak tahan and tak boleh lupa ada sekali tu I had to pull over and pit stop di Petronas yang seminit jauhnya dari my house! Semua sebab sikecik tu dah ngamuk sakan and nangis sampai hilang suara. Tak guna pujuk, tak guna sembang, apa pun tak jalan dah so terpaksa jugakla mommy ni pit stop.

Dulu-dulu, PinkGremlin ni selalu try umpan Thaqif dengan pacifier bila dia start "ek ek ek". Kadang-kadang menjadi tapi generally nya tak menjadi sebab Thaqif bukan baby yang guna pacifier. So lepas pada tu selalunya tawakal sambil bersembang-sembang dengan dia. Tapi kalau dia tak nak, tak nak jugak. Kira ikut nasib la. Jadi, perjalanan bawa Thaqif dalam car seat sangatlah digeruni tapi nak tak nak ada masa I have to.

Tadi tiba-tiba ternampak toy Thaqif yang boleh gantung, actually untuk stroller, try gantung kat seat belt yang mengadap Thaqif bila letak dalam car seat. Aha! Journey pergi and balik yang 10 minutes tu sangatla senang sebab Thaqif leka main dengan toy tu....GUNA KAKI dia! Hebat tak hebat anak aku!

Nak tanya tips/experience korang yang lain macam mana? Ada cara senang nak leka kan baby masa duduk dalam car seat dia?

Eh, apa mommy letak makhluk ni?

Uh uh, concerntrate nak grab makhluk tu..

Aha! Chap! Dah dapat tangkap dengan kaki!
Hebatkan Thaqif mommy!

Aqiqah of Thaqif Shah

Last Sunday kita orang buat aqiqah Thaqif at my in laws' place, memandangkan Thaqif ni first grandchild of my parents in law jadinya memang happy sangat nak mengintroducekan cucu mereka ni. But this aqiqah is sort of the first part because kami buat seekor kambing dulu and most probably nanti masa Thaqif's first birthday we will do the second part, insyaallah.

Basically, we handed over all the organising job to my parents in law, kami goyang kaki saja, maklumlah sejak ada Thaqif ni memang sibuk, nak buat survey kat malls and nak beli barang pun tak de time. Hari-hari balik kerja kena kejar time nak amik Thaqif kat babysitter, malam memang tak keluar because Thaqif is still small plus banyaknya kerja nak buat for tomorrow, nak basuh bottles, nak siap nursery bag dan banyak lagi!

Anyways, the event went well, ramai yang datang despite the rain pouring dari pagi sampai malam. Hujan rahmat katanya. Our good fwens pun dapat hadir. Tapi on my part, I did not invite many people, nanti second part insyaallah. Hah, Thaqif punya piggy bank bertambah-tambah nampaknya dengan pemberian dari guests, alhamdulillah and thank you.

I remember one part when the marhaban ladies were singing a song during berendoi, sangatlah sedih pasal menasihatkan anak jangan menderhaka pada ibu bapa tatkala ibu dah mengandung 9 bulan and jerit perih ibu bapa membesarkan anak. That touched my heart dearly. Tak pernah rasa, first time terfikir betulnya lirik lagu tu. Dah jadi mommy baru faham.

Ok, gambar pun tak banyak on my handphone, dekat handphone MS banyak tapi malas nak tunggu, so ini saja gambar-gambarnya.

The proud parents- Mommy & Walid

Thaqif with Aunty Izie (MS' cousin)

Simple buaian, idea by myself,
penghiasnya my sis

Tray yang ada air mawar, bunga rampai,
bekas isi rambut and gunting, my MIL buat

Goodie bag for the marhaban ladies,
ada muffin, gula, bunga telur and gelas

Balutan gelas di dalamnya
Bunga telur, my mum sponsor

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