Friday, April 1, 2011

Mommy's Hope & Desire

As a first time mommy, I bet that I am just like the others out there. Clueless on how to raise your baby "correctly" and in the "right" direction. Most people say that how your parents brought you up will be the way how you tend to bring up your children with some changes/modifications. I think that is always the case, kan?

Now that I am a parent myself, I wish that Thaqif will follow our good traits. Generally, I hope that he would develop the love in reading books (just like mommy, hehe) and that he will be good in technical things (just like walid, double hehe). And most importantly, we hope that Thaqif will be a good muslim!

I still remember when I was a kid, my father bought me a set of prophet series and I loved them to pieces! I remember that I kept reading the books over and over and over! So I was thinking that I must do the same to Thaqif, I must get him the books on prophets and other stories from the Quran regardless his age. The only thing was, I wanted the books to be in English. Well, my other desire is for Thaqif to be able to converse in English as soon as he can speak. Bahasa Melayu tak ada masalah sebab kita cakap hari-hari di rumah. Since I basically only converse in English at my work place and very little at home, I decided that I have do something about this.

Even if he hears words in English from his atuks, opah, nenek or just about anyone everyday, that doesn't guarantee that he will be able to speak English fluently or even, properly. Why is this so? Because, I realised that most of us tend to teach English to the kids by using only "one word" for eg. "Jom pergi school" or "Baby nak eat apa?" or "Jom swim" or "Jangan pegang tu, dirty". Even I used to do the same before this.

Anyway, to cut it short, I wish that by reading lots of books in English, Thaqif will "automatically" be able to speak proper English! (Haha, kerja senang ya mommy). What I am also trying to do is, even if I do not converse in English with him like all the time, I try to talk to him properly, like one whole sentence in English as opposed to "one word". Harap-harap berjaya, hehe.

Anyways, I found these books in Tesco Puchong after searching high and low for them! And they are really cheap!!!! Now I can read Thaqif bedtime stories, in English and at the same time tell him the history of prophets! I hope that he will be a good, knowledgeable and intelligent Muslim, insyaallah.

The thin books are so cheap, RM2.90 each.
Prophet's Stories From Holy Quran costs about RM9. 

I love the tagline-
Quran Stories For Little Hearts!!

Ada gambar yang berwarna..

Ohhs ahhhs...Hehe

Mommy, mommy, it's a big fish!

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