Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2nd Wedding Anniversary - Part 2

Ah, sambungan dari Part 1. Tak ada apa sangat sebenarnya, just nak share apa kami buat untuk celebrate wedding anniversary plus MS' belated birthday celebration jugak. Since both of us had been craving for Molten from Chili's for ages, I decided that we went to Chili's to satisfy our cravings! So last Sunday, we went to Chili's at OU.

Let's have the pictures do the talking :)

Aksi-aksi Thaqif Shah semasa
baru sampai di OU, baru bangun

My birthday pressie to MS (sorry
lurve, next year I'll get you
the sheer driving pleasure's
polo tee eh? Hehe

Anak yang menunggu walid and mummy
sibukkan try polo tee walid

MS yang suka sangat Nike sampai kami
gelarkan dia "Nike sponsorship person"

Di Chili's yang panas (air-cond
tak bagus) - Thaqif

Walid Thaqif

Makanan Thaqif - Mashed Potato
(excluding the gravy)

Mummy's food -Cajun Club Sandwich

Walid's food - Fajita

I just love their bottomless
apple juice

MS' mango juice &
Thaqif's air masak in the
tiny bottle (thanks Fiza
for the bottle!)

Aksi-aksi Thaqif yang start
nak cranky

Ah, Molten....Puas hati!

Lagi aksi-aksi orang
yang dah cranky sebab
his bedtime dah tiba hehe

To my dearest MS:
I thank you for the patience
I thank you for the support
I thank you for the understanding
I thank you for the helping hand

I lurve the way you care about me
I lurve the way you smile at me
I lurve the way you laugh with me

I feel protected and secured emotionally, physically
and financially since the day I married you and I wish
that I will always feel the same in our many years
to come..

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