Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Thaqif Shah Turns 7 Months Today!

Thaqif turns 7 months today! He still can't crawl (or I prefer to put it as he won't/refused to crawl sebab macam tak mau nak move forward tangan dia, kaki je asyik tolak-tolak hehe) but so far he can sit unsupported by anyone but "supported" by one hand of his, hehe. Lagi dia boleh berdiri sambil pegang cot/sofa. Menjerit and "bercakap-cakap" on top of his lungs, eats 2 meals a day since 3 days ago and has a baby high chair now. Hehe.

Thaqif nampak happy duduk dalam baby chair dia and one time walid dia letak baby chair kat kitchen while I was preparing his food. Same like the function of a walker, but even better sebab tak bergerak, hehe.

Orang yang dah ada
own eating place, hehe

Last Saturday, we attended my cousin's daughter's 7th birthday celebration kat rumah dia in Section 14, PJ. I think it was Thaqif's second birthday party. Saksikan gambar-gambarnya. Thaqif di carry dek semua orang, semua suka dia yang "chubby" (tapi hakikatnya dah tak chubby mana pun huhu).

Pretty barbie type cake
for Sarah Aiman. Nanti if ada
baby girl, mesti ku buat!!!

A&W bear memeriahkan suasana

With mommy

Wan Ana (my sis), Mikhael & Aqil

With Opah Cu

With Pak Long (my cousin)

Bear yang dah penat and mahu
"pulang" hehe

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