Monday, October 3, 2011

My Baby Turns One Today!

Nothing much to say, really, just that my precious little man turns 1 today! And I am so so grateful and blessed to be awarded with such bundle of joy. Thank you Allah.

Mommy hopes that you will be a soleh Muslim, a good child and successful here and thereafter. Mommy loves you always and forever. Muahs!

Syed Thaqif Shah - 2 hours after delivery
on 3.10.2010

My clever Thaqif Shah

Growing up fast!

Mommy loves you Thaqif Shah!


  1. Hi mommy :) just found ur blog after blog-hopping others mommies blog.. My son name also Thaqif but not Shah, it's Thaqif Al-Uzair :p and was born on 3rd also but 3rd June 2011 :p wat a coincidence... Hihi!!



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