Monday, November 21, 2011

Thaqif Shah's Here and There

This post is actually for my records on Thaqif's first walk. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, finally he is able to walk on 18.11.2011, about 13 months ++. He did not show progressive steps. He was able to take baby steps when he turned one tak silapnya (tengok dah lupa) and he actually seldom take baby steps. On 12.11.2011 I put on his shoes and brought him to "walk" at Subang Parade. Memang kelam kelibut cara jalannya. Hehe. Esoknya on Sunday 13.11.2011 pulak, MS and I got him to walk (aided of course) kat One Utama.

On 17.11.2011, I came back from office and discovered that he showed so much interest in taking many baby steps (almost walking), refused to crawl. My in laws said he had been doing that the whole day. Esoknya on 18.11.2011 when I reached my in law's place, ta-da he walked and walked and walked by himself, tak merangkak langsung sepanjangan tu sampai lenjun basah baju sebab jalan tak henti hehe. And from thereon, he can really walk dah. Yay!

These are his pictures, not walking, just his pictures out and about, here and there doing something.. :)

Riding his toy car at nenek's house

Mom's Milk Is The Best :)
Of course and without doubt :)
Walk about at OU

His current fav!

Playing slide at paed's clinic

Climbing around at Pizza Hut on his
first birthday (nite)

Keadaan geram main party pack

Imam Kenit

Reading, to kill the time at Quicksilver's
outlet while waiting for walid,
lamanya walid pilih baju!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Salt Rule

"You should not add salt to your baby's food in the first year as this may damage her kidneys. In the first six months of life, your baby needs less than 1g of salt per day, which she will usually obtain from breastmilk or formula milk. Between seven and 12 months, this increases slightly to around 1g. Toddlers aged one to three years need less than 2g (this is the equivalent of 0.8g sodium per day)."

Read more here
"Sugar and salt - Toddlers should actually have no more than 1/6th of an adult's maximum daily allowance of salt in any one day, which is less than 1g per day. That’s why it’s so important not to add salt to any child food you prepare yourself. Some adult foods are not suitable for toddlers because they’re too high in salt or sugar, or contain artificial colouring and flavouring."

Read more here
"So should my baby's food be bland?

Well, you may find food bland if it's cooked without salt, because your palate is probably accustomed to saltier flavours. But remember that your baby's palate is undeveloped and that he hasn't yet acquired a preference for salty tastes! In fact, foods that you consider bland may be perfectly acceptable to your little one - after all, he won't miss what he hasn't yet experienced.

On the other hand, ensuring that your baby's food is 'salt-free' doesn't mean that it has to be 'flavour-free' too! In fact, one of the aims of our site is to help you create meals for your baby that are both safe AND delicious!"

Read more here

"Added salt in baby food recipes may lead to a series of health issues including high blood pressure and kidney failure."

"Adding salt to baby food recipes is just not necessary and there is no need to begin unhealthy eating habits by relying on salt as a flavor enhancer.

If you want to add more flavor to your baby food recipes, try adding some spices or try mixing up some fruit and veggie combinations. Yogurt is another way to add a new flavor to baby food and it also makes for a yummy creamy texture that many babies adore.

If you want to learn more about spices, visit our Spicing Up Your Baby’s Food page. You’ll learn that 8 months old is the typical age that spices are recommended to be introduced. You’ll also learn that when you begin to add spices that your family regularly uses in cooking, your baby will have an easier transition to family meals (table foods)!

Salt should never be used to flavor your baby's food - whether it is homemade baby food or jarred food!

Many parents wonder about adding salt to their baby's food. In fact, many parents want to add salt to baby's food to give the food more flavor and to hopefully tempt baby into eating the baby food. It would seem that in such small amounts, adding a bit of salt to baby food would not be harmful.

The truth is, adding salt to baby food may be dangerous. Not only is adding salt to baby food possibly dangerous, it is just not necessary.

Many parents have chosen to make homemade baby food so that they will have control over the ingredients their babies are eating. It is the lack of fillers, salt and other additives that often sways parents into making baby food. Your baby has a clean palate and does not know that foods may taste better if salted.

Why start adding salt and forming a "dependancy" on it? You don't want your baby to rely on salt to help her eat foods. Keeping high amounts of sodium out of baby's diet is important. Added salt in baby food may lead to a series of health issues including high blood pressure and kidney failure.

Try flavorful herbs and spices to perk up the flavor of foods and awaken your baby's taste buds!

What does salt do to the kidneys? What Adding Salt May Do To Baby's Health?

After your body has taken what it needs from the food, waste is sent to the blood. If your kidneys did not remove these wastes, the wastes would build up in the blood and damage your body. Your kidneys measure out chemicals like sodium, phosphorus, and potassium and release them back to the blood to return to the body. In this way, your kidneys regulate the body’s level of these substances. The right balance is necessary for life, but excess levels can be harmful." National Kidney & Urologic Disease Information Clearing House

Your baby has a fragile system and the kidneys are one of the most fragile. Baby's kidneys are unable to process a high amount of added salt. Too much salt from sources other than natural foods like veggies and fruits, breast milk and/or formula may damage baby's kidneys and possibly even cause brain damage."

Huh, panjangnya acara copy paste PinkGremlin. Seperti kekuatan untuk breastfeed Thaqif sehingga two years (insyaAllah), begitu jugak kekuatan saya on saying NO to SALT for Thaqif's food. Some may say after entering toddlerhood (after his first birthday), it is ok to introduce salt in your toddler's diet like we use in adult's diet. It is simply this. IT IS NOT QUITE OK.

"...Toddlers aged one to three years need less than 2g (this is the equivalent of 0.8g sodium per day)."

Since our breastmilk or formula has salt in it, plus other sources eg. from natural foods such as veges and fruits, we don't need more. In my humble opinion, it is too dificult to add up Thaqif's daily permitted salt intake ie. less than 2g from breastmilk, veges and fruits, so why should I add even a pinch of it when I cook his food? Saya memang tak reti nak calculate untuk make sure that his salt intake does not exceed 2g daily, so I take the approach of not adding any salt at all.
Macam ada "payah" nya journey BF, macam tu jugak ada kepayahan dalam journey NO SALT dalam diet Thaqif. Especially bila Thaqif macam kurang makan, hah adalah yang akan mengatakan, sebab makanan tu tak "berasa" sebab tu dia tak nak makan. Sebenarnya baby especially tak tahu rasa "garam" unless dia pernah diberi rasa. Apa pun kita tak boleh nak salahkan pandangan orang tetapi kita sebagai mommy yang dah tahu, automatically akan rasa guilty kalau kita buat sebaliknya sedangkan kita tau the actual facts, that excessive salt is dangerous, how much the toodler needs daily etc. Bila saya dah tau semua ni, memang tak kan nak buat tak tahu saja kan! And we know that entering one year or toodlerhood memang macam-macam kerenah pemakanan anak, makan sambil main, hanya akan makan if bersama family, tak nak makan langsung, makan ambil masa berejam, etc. So, alhamdulillah, through thick and thin (hehe), sampai sekarang saya masih berjaya tak letak garam lagi dalam makanan Thaqif. Huhu. Hopefully, I don't have to resort to salt before his next birthday. Semoga segala urusan NO SALT dipermudahkan. Huhu.
And I plan to stick to my principle. Saya tak mahu Thaqif jadi begini. Apabila Thaqif masuk setahun, saya start introduce spices into his diet to spice things up. Sekarang masih proses trial and error dan masih belajar lagi to "handle" spices :) Tapi memang susah jugak sebenarnya nak amalkan NO SALT rule ni. Selain dari perah otak cari menu dan resepi untuk masak "makanan toddler ala dewasa but with no salt" apa yang lagi pening is kadang bahan-bahan "unsalted" susah nak carik. I searched high and low for unsalted cheese, tak jumpa sampai sekarang. So I chosed the next best, low sodium content cheese. Cheese memang terkenal dengan kemasinan dia, so saya sangat berjaga when it comes to cheese. Saya jarang guna cheese for the fear of salt (haha). Apa-apa pun asyik kena tengok ingredients, macam roti, popiah skin dan segala-galanya, kena make sure the salt/sodium content. MS memang support sebab dia health concious punya orang. Tapi macam biasa yang pening mencarik harusla emaknya kan. Hehe.
OKla, itu saja. Oh lagi, untuk dapat "kawan-kawan" boleh join FB homemade/solid food groups memang membantu "perjuangan" ni. Good luck to me and all of you as well :)

Read more here

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tidur Berasingan?

Semalam terbaca dalam akhbar Harian Metro artikel bertajuk "Tidur Asing Latihan Berdikari" dan "Hubungan Terjalin Pada Waktu Jaga". Actually artikel tu kupas isu melatih anak tidur asing dari ibu bapa seawal usia setahun enam bulan. Artikel ni memang menggalakkan ibu bapa untuk train anak-anak dari kecil, seawal mungkin untuk tidur asing dari mereka. Kalau boleh dari newborn, macam amalan mat salleh tapi bila dia lihat budaya kat Malaysia kan biasanya memang newborn tak akan tidur berasingan dari ibu bapa, artikel ni sarankan dari umur dua tahun.

Maksud tidur berasingan dari ibu bapa dalam konteks artikel ni adalah tidur di bilik berasingan dari ibu bapa dan jugak tidur sebilik dengan ibu bapa tetapi katil berasingan (ni pada peringkat permulaan/training). Kalau kita tengok, dengar dan maybe dari experience sendiri pun, rata-rata orang Malaysia ni mengamalkan budaya tidur bersama anak-anak, dalam erti kata lain, tidur sekatil atau pun tidur sebilik atau se-ruang tamu :). Rata-rata alasan ke atas amalan budaya ni biasanya cakap susahlah nak train anak-anak tidur asing, susahlah sebab anak-anak takut tidur sendiri, seronokla tidur ramai-ramai sebab dapat bermesra sebelum waktu tidur dan lain-lain alasan. Bagi ibu yang breastfeed baby atau toddler nya, lagi la selalunya memang mengamalkan tidur sekali/sekatil atau co-sleeping. Kalau kita baca rata-rata tentang breastfeeding pun banyak yang sarankan co-sleep dengan anak supaya senang dan dapat kerap menyusukan semasa anak tidur, betul? Hehe.

Tapi, cuba baca artikle ini dan jugak yang di sini. Semua promote latih anak tidur berasingan seawal mungkin kan? Sebab anak akan menjadi lebih berdikari jika cepat tidur berasingan. Artikel tu pun menyangkal alasan ibu bapa yang kata kalau tidur sekali "bonding" lebih sebab dia kata hubungan antara ibu bapa dan anak terjalin waktu anak berjaga. Lagi, ada macam-macam tips untuk train anak tidur berasingan. Dalam artikel tu pun ada cakap, walau ibu breastfeed sekalipun, sila latih anak tidur berasingan, iaitu, susukan anak dan apabila anak sudah kenyang dan tertidur, letak kembali anak di katilnya sendiri.

Wah wah wah, memang best artikel ni. Pada opinion saya memang benar belaka yang jika kitra train anak tidur berasingan, anak akan jadi independant dan jugak boleh hindarkan perkara yang tak diingini macam anak ternampak perlakuan ibu bapa yang tak sepatutnya dilihat. Lagi, memang betul kata dia suami isteri akan ada exclusive time sendiri jika anak tidur berasingan. Dan betul jugak bila dia kata anak akan belajar batasan dan nilai-nilai menghormati hal-hal peribadi seperti mengetuk pintu sebelum masuk bilik ibu bapa. Semua betul. Ada tak yang tak betul? Hehe. Maybe tak ada yang tak betul tapi "payah" yang ada. Hehe.

Payah macam mana? Ok, dari experience saya sebagai breastfeeding mommy. Sepanjang confinement, saya breastfeed Thaqif secara duduk every two hours Thaqif bangun nak menyusu. Memang terkebil-kebil dan tersengguk-sengguk tiap kali BF Thaqif. Saya BF secara duduk sebab masa tu tak "discover" lagi posisi mengiring dan saya tak nak tertidur sebab lepas BF kena burp kan Thaqif. Ok, memang penat BF duduk. Tapi tak apa sebab masih bercuti pantang. Masuk Thaqif almost four months, saya start BF secara mengiring tapi sangat berhati-hati dan selalu end up tidur ayam sebab risau because Thaqif masih kecik. Lama-lama rasa sangat mudah and sesuai BF mengiring, tambah-tambah lagi bila dah start kerja balik, BF mengiring dapat tidur jugak! Hehe. Jadi, kesimpulannya, adakah lepas BF berbaring, kita akan sedar and letak balik baby dalam cot dia? Hakikatnya kita pun dah lelap dengan selamat bukan? BF mengiring memang dianjurkan supaya ibu dapat berehat, especially jika di permulaan BF bagi ibu yang c-sect. Nama pun untuk berehat, tidur la jawapannya kan :). Kita perlu rehat/tidur secukupnya, perlu dititik beratkan jugak, untuk kesihatan mommy sendir jugak. Kalau hari-hari masuk tidur jam 12 malam, bangun seawal 5.30 am, mesti la dapatkan quality sleep kan. Of course saya akan keep on breastfeed secara mengiring!

Anyway, bagi saya, itu la "kepayahannya" bila kita BF especially mengiring macam saya, pasti dah tertidur sambil BF, macam mana ke gayanya nak angkat Thaqif masuk dalam cot dia semula? Hehe. Jawapnya tak la kan. Ok, saya boleh bagi seribu satu alasan kan. Tapi yang sebenarnya saya dengan MS memang sudah dan masih train Thaqif untuk tidur berasingan di cot dia at every single opportunity that we have. Di sebelah katil kami memang letak cot Thaqif. Selagi kami belum masuk tidur, Thaqif yang biasa tidur dalam range dari 8.00 pm or 9.30 pm akan tidur dalam cot dia. Once kami dah masuk tidur dalam jam 12 macam tu, once Thaqif bangun untuk BF, saya teruskan je dia tidur kat katil kami sebab saya sendiri dah tertidur. Hehe. Tapi lain-lain pada tu, selagi kami berjaga, biasanya Thaqif akan tidur dalam cot dia. Macam kalau dia tidur di siang hari weekend ke, biasanya dalam cot. Kecuali bila dia ragam asik terjaga every time kita letak dalam cot (dia macam tau je, bila letak atas katil besar and letak atas cot!), dia dibiarkan tidur kat katil kami.

Overall, we intend to get him to sleep on his own bed as much as possible. Plan nak praktikan by two years dah start ajar dia tidur dalam his own room. Semoga berjaya. Hehe. Macam mana kalian semua?

Tidur dalam cot di siang hari

Main/bergolek dalam cot
when he was small

Bukti acara tidur di katil besar, hehe.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mini Murtabak @ Square Cut Samosa For Toddlers

Hari ni nak share resepi mini murtabak for toddlers. Berangan nak share lagi kan sedangkan masak pun tak pandai mana hehe. Tak pe la, seperti yang dah bagitau dulu, PinkGremlin okla nak share recipe menu untuk toddlers sebab toddler sebesar Thaqif mana tau nak comment sedap ke tidak kan hehe.

Senang saja sebenarnya nak buat mini murtabak ni. Mari tengok sesenang mana:-

Mini Murtabak
Boiled potatoes siap di-mashed
Bawang dipotong kecil
Daging cincang yang siap rebus
Popiah/wanton wrap

Campurkan semua bahan di atas dan digoreng ringan dan sekejap bersama olive oil/unsalted butter. Kemudian balutkan inti ini dalam popiah/wanton wrap dan gorengkan atas api yang slow sehingga kulit popiah tadi masak. Siap! Saya prefer siap-siap rebuskan bahan-bahan supaya minimal time is spent on frying :).

Kadang-kadang saya buat square cut samosa jugak for Thaqif. Inti dia macam-macam saya tukarkan, tapi favourite Thaqif adalah seperti recipe ini.

Okla, itu saja nak share, sekarang nak pergi perah otak hehe cari resepi lain for Thaqif. Pening nak mikir nak masak menu apa for him everyday. Dia sekarang tak suka porridge or nasi lembik, dia nak makan nasi biasa macam orang dewasa, he can chew well despite the fact that he has got two and a half teeth. His current favourite is fried rice. Ah memang pening memikir menu dia. Does anyone have simple but nutritious breakfast ideas?

As always, mommy fails at food presentation
but taste wise, ok hehe :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breastfeeding Journey @ 13 months - Nyonyo

Actually baru je entry yang update about my BF journey hari tu kan, tapi ni rasa macam nak update sikit hehe. Saja. Sejak masuk one year, Thaqif minum susu makin sikit. Hanya 2oz per session and seharian tinggal while I am away at work, dia minum 3 bottles je, the most pun 4 bottles. Total is about 6oz to 8oz kan! Mulanya rasa macam debar jugak, ya la macam sikit sangat kan dia minum. Memang la after one year, food is primary and milk intake is secondary, but milk is still important kan.

So, ada sekali tu I just bagitau my cousin whose second child used to just consume milk by direct feeding and refused to be bottle fed or spoon fed. My cousin had to come back for lunch at home everyday to BF anak dia, tapi office dekat dengan rumah, okla. So kiranya anak dia minum sikit je during day time kan. She told me not to worry. She said "a child knows what and how much she needs for her body". And she gave me this quote:

"Read your baby, not the books. Breastfeeding is not linear – it goes up and down and also in circles. You are the expert on your baby’s needs."

And this great article as well.

Well, what I gained from here is that while books and online knowledge and others' experiences are good sources to help and guide us, but it is all true that we have to always read our baby and we are the expert on our baby's needs. Very true. Having said that, I still swear by the books and online knowledge when it comes to BF and food consumption. Hehe.

Well, Thaqif's milk consumption has "improved". Hehe. He now drinks about 2.5oz per bottle of 3 to 4 bottles. I am ok with that.

Oh nak cerita lagi about MS. He called me this morning asking about the "cure" to jaundice. His workmate's baby of two weeks' old has jaundice. I said mana ada ubat, hanya BF saja ubatnya. Other than petua-petua nenek moyangla. Then he told that to his workmate. Workmate dia cakap wife dia "Tak ada susu". MS terus cakap "Mana ada tak ada susu! Paksa la baby tu minum, pasti ada susu!". MS- perjuangkan BF habisan and I am so proud of the fact that he totally understands that as long as there is stimulation, there will be milk production. Total 100 / 100 score I am giving him on that! :) Hooray!

Tak sia-sia little info here and there on BF yang PinkGremlin ni cakap kat MS :) MS cakap dia adalah walid yang ikutkan perjuangan mommy untuk BF, mestila macam tu...

Mommy and BF baby-nya

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