Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breastfeeding Journey @ 13 months - Nyonyo

Actually baru je entry yang update about my BF journey hari tu kan, tapi ni rasa macam nak update sikit hehe. Saja. Sejak masuk one year, Thaqif minum susu makin sikit. Hanya 2oz per session and seharian tinggal while I am away at work, dia minum 3 bottles je, the most pun 4 bottles. Total is about 6oz to 8oz kan! Mulanya rasa macam debar jugak, ya la macam sikit sangat kan dia minum. Memang la after one year, food is primary and milk intake is secondary, but milk is still important kan.

So, ada sekali tu I just bagitau my cousin whose second child used to just consume milk by direct feeding and refused to be bottle fed or spoon fed. My cousin had to come back for lunch at home everyday to BF anak dia, tapi office dekat dengan rumah, okla. So kiranya anak dia minum sikit je during day time kan. She told me not to worry. She said "a child knows what and how much she needs for her body". And she gave me this quote:

"Read your baby, not the books. Breastfeeding is not linear – it goes up and down and also in circles. You are the expert on your baby’s needs."

And this great article as well.

Well, what I gained from here is that while books and online knowledge and others' experiences are good sources to help and guide us, but it is all true that we have to always read our baby and we are the expert on our baby's needs. Very true. Having said that, I still swear by the books and online knowledge when it comes to BF and food consumption. Hehe.

Well, Thaqif's milk consumption has "improved". Hehe. He now drinks about 2.5oz per bottle of 3 to 4 bottles. I am ok with that.

Oh nak cerita lagi about MS. He called me this morning asking about the "cure" to jaundice. His workmate's baby of two weeks' old has jaundice. I said mana ada ubat, hanya BF saja ubatnya. Other than petua-petua nenek moyangla. Then he told that to his workmate. Workmate dia cakap wife dia "Tak ada susu". MS terus cakap "Mana ada tak ada susu! Paksa la baby tu minum, pasti ada susu!". MS- perjuangkan BF habisan and I am so proud of the fact that he totally understands that as long as there is stimulation, there will be milk production. Total 100 / 100 score I am giving him on that! :) Hooray!

Tak sia-sia little info here and there on BF yang PinkGremlin ni cakap kat MS :) MS cakap dia adalah walid yang ikutkan perjuangan mommy untuk BF, mestila macam tu...

Mommy and BF baby-nya

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