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No Salt Rule

"You should not add salt to your baby's food in the first year as this may damage her kidneys. In the first six months of life, your baby needs less than 1g of salt per day, which she will usually obtain from breastmilk or formula milk. Between seven and 12 months, this increases slightly to around 1g. Toddlers aged one to three years need less than 2g (this is the equivalent of 0.8g sodium per day)."

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"Sugar and salt - Toddlers should actually have no more than 1/6th of an adult's maximum daily allowance of salt in any one day, which is less than 1g per day. That’s why it’s so important not to add salt to any child food you prepare yourself. Some adult foods are not suitable for toddlers because they’re too high in salt or sugar, or contain artificial colouring and flavouring."

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"So should my baby's food be bland?

Well, you may find food bland if it's cooked without salt, because your palate is probably accustomed to saltier flavours. But remember that your baby's palate is undeveloped and that he hasn't yet acquired a preference for salty tastes! In fact, foods that you consider bland may be perfectly acceptable to your little one - after all, he won't miss what he hasn't yet experienced.

On the other hand, ensuring that your baby's food is 'salt-free' doesn't mean that it has to be 'flavour-free' too! In fact, one of the aims of our site is to help you create meals for your baby that are both safe AND delicious!"

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"Added salt in baby food recipes may lead to a series of health issues including high blood pressure and kidney failure."

"Adding salt to baby food recipes is just not necessary and there is no need to begin unhealthy eating habits by relying on salt as a flavor enhancer.

If you want to add more flavor to your baby food recipes, try adding some spices or try mixing up some fruit and veggie combinations. Yogurt is another way to add a new flavor to baby food and it also makes for a yummy creamy texture that many babies adore.

If you want to learn more about spices, visit our Spicing Up Your Baby’s Food page. You’ll learn that 8 months old is the typical age that spices are recommended to be introduced. You’ll also learn that when you begin to add spices that your family regularly uses in cooking, your baby will have an easier transition to family meals (table foods)!

Salt should never be used to flavor your baby's food - whether it is homemade baby food or jarred food!

Many parents wonder about adding salt to their baby's food. In fact, many parents want to add salt to baby's food to give the food more flavor and to hopefully tempt baby into eating the baby food. It would seem that in such small amounts, adding a bit of salt to baby food would not be harmful.

The truth is, adding salt to baby food may be dangerous. Not only is adding salt to baby food possibly dangerous, it is just not necessary.

Many parents have chosen to make homemade baby food so that they will have control over the ingredients their babies are eating. It is the lack of fillers, salt and other additives that often sways parents into making baby food. Your baby has a clean palate and does not know that foods may taste better if salted.

Why start adding salt and forming a "dependancy" on it? You don't want your baby to rely on salt to help her eat foods. Keeping high amounts of sodium out of baby's diet is important. Added salt in baby food may lead to a series of health issues including high blood pressure and kidney failure.

Try flavorful herbs and spices to perk up the flavor of foods and awaken your baby's taste buds!

What does salt do to the kidneys? What Adding Salt May Do To Baby's Health?

After your body has taken what it needs from the food, waste is sent to the blood. If your kidneys did not remove these wastes, the wastes would build up in the blood and damage your body. Your kidneys measure out chemicals like sodium, phosphorus, and potassium and release them back to the blood to return to the body. In this way, your kidneys regulate the body’s level of these substances. The right balance is necessary for life, but excess levels can be harmful." National Kidney & Urologic Disease Information Clearing House

Your baby has a fragile system and the kidneys are one of the most fragile. Baby's kidneys are unable to process a high amount of added salt. Too much salt from sources other than natural foods like veggies and fruits, breast milk and/or formula may damage baby's kidneys and possibly even cause brain damage."

Huh, panjangnya acara copy paste PinkGremlin. Seperti kekuatan untuk breastfeed Thaqif sehingga two years (insyaAllah), begitu jugak kekuatan saya on saying NO to SALT for Thaqif's food. Some may say after entering toddlerhood (after his first birthday), it is ok to introduce salt in your toddler's diet like we use in adult's diet. It is simply this. IT IS NOT QUITE OK.

"...Toddlers aged one to three years need less than 2g (this is the equivalent of 0.8g sodium per day)."

Since our breastmilk or formula has salt in it, plus other sources eg. from natural foods such as veges and fruits, we don't need more. In my humble opinion, it is too dificult to add up Thaqif's daily permitted salt intake ie. less than 2g from breastmilk, veges and fruits, so why should I add even a pinch of it when I cook his food? Saya memang tak reti nak calculate untuk make sure that his salt intake does not exceed 2g daily, so I take the approach of not adding any salt at all.
Macam ada "payah" nya journey BF, macam tu jugak ada kepayahan dalam journey NO SALT dalam diet Thaqif. Especially bila Thaqif macam kurang makan, hah adalah yang akan mengatakan, sebab makanan tu tak "berasa" sebab tu dia tak nak makan. Sebenarnya baby especially tak tahu rasa "garam" unless dia pernah diberi rasa. Apa pun kita tak boleh nak salahkan pandangan orang tetapi kita sebagai mommy yang dah tahu, automatically akan rasa guilty kalau kita buat sebaliknya sedangkan kita tau the actual facts, that excessive salt is dangerous, how much the toodler needs daily etc. Bila saya dah tau semua ni, memang tak kan nak buat tak tahu saja kan! And we know that entering one year or toodlerhood memang macam-macam kerenah pemakanan anak, makan sambil main, hanya akan makan if bersama family, tak nak makan langsung, makan ambil masa berejam, etc. So, alhamdulillah, through thick and thin (hehe), sampai sekarang saya masih berjaya tak letak garam lagi dalam makanan Thaqif. Huhu. Hopefully, I don't have to resort to salt before his next birthday. Semoga segala urusan NO SALT dipermudahkan. Huhu.
And I plan to stick to my principle. Saya tak mahu Thaqif jadi begini. Apabila Thaqif masuk setahun, saya start introduce spices into his diet to spice things up. Sekarang masih proses trial and error dan masih belajar lagi to "handle" spices :) Tapi memang susah jugak sebenarnya nak amalkan NO SALT rule ni. Selain dari perah otak cari menu dan resepi untuk masak "makanan toddler ala dewasa but with no salt" apa yang lagi pening is kadang bahan-bahan "unsalted" susah nak carik. I searched high and low for unsalted cheese, tak jumpa sampai sekarang. So I chosed the next best, low sodium content cheese. Cheese memang terkenal dengan kemasinan dia, so saya sangat berjaga when it comes to cheese. Saya jarang guna cheese for the fear of salt (haha). Apa-apa pun asyik kena tengok ingredients, macam roti, popiah skin dan segala-galanya, kena make sure the salt/sodium content. MS memang support sebab dia health concious punya orang. Tapi macam biasa yang pening mencarik harusla emaknya kan. Hehe.
OKla, itu saja. Oh lagi, untuk dapat "kawan-kawan" boleh join FB homemade/solid food groups memang membantu "perjuangan" ni. Good luck to me and all of you as well :)

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  1. Series..memang sgt susah. Dapat2 plak kalau anak yang dah start aktif and x mau makan. Itu x mau..ini x mau. Mommy masak macam2..anak campak. Last2 mommy nangis sorang2..heheh.

    Cuba bertahan untuk x masukkan garam, Tapi kekadang terlepas juga..huhuhu

  2. MyRule,

    Memang sangat susah sebenarnya, especially macam you cakap, mommy penat-penat masak bermacam gaya kadang tapi anak tak nak makan, of course kita akan ter-wonder macam-macam dalam kepala, termasuk sure sebab tak sedap (ie. tak berasa = takde garam). Benda ni memang sangat-sangat pening kan. Memang ramai bila masuk 1 year dah start letak sikit-sikit garam, saya pun tak berani nak cakap lebih, esok lusa saya kena letak pulak, siapa tau kan :)

  3. dear, brand apa cheese u guna ya? i use new zealand natural cheddar tu... yg mcm kak farah suggest... x terfikir nak carik yg low sodium cheese...



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