Monday, November 21, 2011

Thaqif Shah's Here and There

This post is actually for my records on Thaqif's first walk. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, finally he is able to walk on 18.11.2011, about 13 months ++. He did not show progressive steps. He was able to take baby steps when he turned one tak silapnya (tengok dah lupa) and he actually seldom take baby steps. On 12.11.2011 I put on his shoes and brought him to "walk" at Subang Parade. Memang kelam kelibut cara jalannya. Hehe. Esoknya on Sunday 13.11.2011 pulak, MS and I got him to walk (aided of course) kat One Utama.

On 17.11.2011, I came back from office and discovered that he showed so much interest in taking many baby steps (almost walking), refused to crawl. My in laws said he had been doing that the whole day. Esoknya on 18.11.2011 when I reached my in law's place, ta-da he walked and walked and walked by himself, tak merangkak langsung sepanjangan tu sampai lenjun basah baju sebab jalan tak henti hehe. And from thereon, he can really walk dah. Yay!

These are his pictures, not walking, just his pictures out and about, here and there doing something.. :)

Riding his toy car at nenek's house

Mom's Milk Is The Best :)
Of course and without doubt :)
Walk about at OU

His current fav!

Playing slide at paed's clinic

Climbing around at Pizza Hut on his
first birthday (nite)

Keadaan geram main party pack

Imam Kenit

Reading, to kill the time at Quicksilver's
outlet while waiting for walid,
lamanya walid pilih baju!

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