Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thumbs Up To Perodua Service Centre USJ

Previously, I owned a Proton Savvy for about 5 years before I eventually managed to change it to Perodua MyVi. I have had only minimal experience in relation to car service centres as I only sent to Proton Service Centre at Glenmarie previously. Other than that, I would not know how other service centres are like.

Two weeks ago, my MyVi was hit by some lunatic from the back. Why would I call this guy a lunatic because he appeared to be like some sort of a klutz. Very clumsy looking, he hit my car twice, and it was in a traffic jam! Anyway, we got his contact number and all and when MS eventually contacted him after Perodua issued us a quotation, he said it is way too expensive and that it was a minor hit, mind you that though it may look like a small  dent, it was at a difficult part to "ketuk", basically it needs to be replaced with a new part. After he said "mahalnya", he quickly said "ah sorry wrong number" and hang up the phone. Orang aneh and gila kan? Apa maksud wrong number setelah dia berbual macam biasa pasal accient tu hah!?

Luckily and intentionally, we had lodged a police report within 24 hours after the accident so we are claiming from his insurance and that he will be summoned soon :).

Anyway, the other day, we went to Perodua Service Centre in USJ to get all the papers done before my MyVi can go in for the repair. I had a rather comfortable time at the place that I want to give two thumbs up to Perodua Service Centre in USJ as I find their premises very spacious, clean, nice, cosy and kid's friendly. They have four large sections filled with sofas and coffee tables, Ogawa massage chairs, eating corner (with free brekkie) and an in-house playland! How wonderful! I sure hope that other service centres are the same. If not, they should follow USJ's Perodua Service Centre's footsteps. Anyway, here are some photos of the place.

Menjerit sakan bila nak ambil dia
keluar from the playland!

Somehow, some way, when I let him loose,
he managed to go and tracked down
the playland area all by himself!


  1. err...nampak best. No la. i slalu gi kat section 15 shah alam. X best. Diorg just provide air mineral tong besar tu jek. And pernah gi kat Muar gak, better then sect 15 sebab ader temapt untuk kids..even kecik je..or more sesuai untuk baby. Dulu2 masa pakai Toyota, kat SC toyota Sg Rasah best. Ader roti, kuih air nescaffe, milo and coklat. Tempat pun selesa.. :0

  2. Oh ye ke. Lain SC lain style nampak ya ya. Tp yg best mmg bila makanan pn free and ada kid's area kn...



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