Monday, January 9, 2012

In Loving Memory Of Khairil Nizar

On 1.1.2012, my good friend Khairil Nizar a.k.a Kerel was called to be with Allah. He passed away in peace, from a short stint of brain infection. He was unconcious for about 2 weeks before he passed on. I did not get to visit him while he was hospitalised as I only knew about it a bit too late. I planned to visit him on 2.1.2012 but Allah took him earlier. It was a shock to all of us. Though I had not seen him for almost a year now, I can still remember vividly our days together.

Kerel, Dora, Ad and I used to lepak every Friday night since I was still single until I was heavily pregnant. When Ad moved to JB, Kerel, Dora and I continued to lepak on Friday nights though it was only the three of us.

When I gave birth to Thaqif, my lepaking time on Friday stopped. Huhu. So we stopped to hang out but whenever Ad is in KL, the three of them hang out, but not me. Pengorbanan anak still baby, how to lepak malam-malam. So basically, I did not see Kerel since the day I gave birth to Thaqif. A few events at my place he did not turn up due to work commitments.

Though a lot of us had not met Kerel for quite sometime, when we saw him for the last time, as for me I felt like hugging him for the last time. Then I told my friends, all of them wanted to do the same thing! Anyway, all of us cried buckets.

To Kerel, we will miss you dearly. I will definitely miss you. Semoga roh nya ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Kerel orang yang baik-baik, insyaAllah syurga balasannya.

Berbuka at Swensen's Subang Parade
in 2010, I was heavily pregnant

Naik Taming Sari di Melaka 2009

Bandung Trip in 2008

Enjoyed our trip to Melaka in 2009,
just the three of us as Ad
could not join us

He was the emcee on my
reception day, and he did a
really good job!

To Kerel, you will always be missed as we go back way from our A-Level days..

P/S: Did this post in English as he loved to converse in English (or rather our rojak English! :)

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