Thursday, January 19, 2012

That One Thing That Turns You On

There are a lot of things that turns me on when it comes to MS, but yesterday, I was suddenly reminded of that one thing that really turns me on - about him.

I was driving back with Thaqif on tow, at the back from my parents' place to home and as I was entering a corner, I saw 2 fast moving cars on the right lane - one was E34 and at the back chasing it was an E36. The E34 was on a rather "out of shape" condition and white in colour, but the E36 was looking sleek in its grey skin, excellent looking condition - and chasing the E34 on a rather high speed.

I looked at those cars and then realised, the E36 was MS'. Hehe. And I was then reminded of how it really turns me on, having a guy who's into cars and really knows his stuff. The real know-it-all guys. I have had a lot of guy friends who were into cars during my uni years and they knew a-z about cars.

Ah, I am rather fated to have these kinda guys in my life. So I think.

So, what's that one thing that turns you on about your man?

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