Friday, March 16, 2012

Healthy Homemade Solid Food - No Salt & Sugar Rule

A lot of mommies are into homemade solid food now! Bravo! I like :)

Actually, saya tertarik dengan salah satu komen dalam FB group HSFFYB (Homemade Solid Food For Your Baby) which is a support group for mommies who are into homemade solid food. Ada satu hari ni one of the members dalam group ada "mengadu" tentang caretaker yang tidak begitu supportive dengan homemade food and suka nak mencadangkan penambahan garam dalam makanan baby tersebut. Lantas salah satu komen mengatakan homemade food is not just purely about homemade food, it is supposed to be "healthy homemade food". Dah sememangnya niat asal mommies prepare homemade food adalah untuk mengelak instant food, mahukan fresh food untuk babies dan yang terjamin kebersihannya dan paling penting nutrient nya. Jadi memang benarlah komen mommy tersebut, mommies harus ingat, sediakan "healthy homemade food" and not just homemade food :)

Entry ni actually kesinambungan dari entry "No Salt Rule" dulu :). Baru-baru ni saya ada terbaca tentang penegahan garam dan gula untuk baby and toodler, masih sama, say no to salt and sugar to them :). So, rasa macam nak share this good article with all untuk boost kan semangat kepada mommies yang sering mendapat feedback dari caretakers yang selalu mengatakan anak tak mahu makan bekal mommy, anak tak makan banyak sebab tawar, bagila anak minum air perisa sikit, tambahla garam sikit, budak-budak lain okay saja membesar walau makan garam awal dan 1001 comments/suggestions mengenai garam, gula dan pemakanan anak secara general nya.

So, here's the article, taken from here. Enjoy it:)

Taste for Salt May Start in Infancy

Babies Given Starchy Foods Too Soon May Develop Preference for Salty Foods
By Jennifer Warner WebMD Health NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MD Dec. 21, 2011 

Offering a baby a french fry, piece of bread, or even a handful of cereal may set him up for a lifelong affinity for salty foods and the health risks that go along with it. A new study shows that babies fed starchy table foods, which often contain added salt, before 6 months of age show a preference for salt that persists through their preschool years.Infants who had been introduced to starchy foods preferred a saltier drink and drank 55% more of the saltier drink during a test at 6 months of age.By the time they were preschoolers, the same children were also more likely to lick the salt from foods and eat plain salt.

Researchers say the results suggest the ability to detect salty taste matures sometime between 2-6 months of age.

“There could be quite a bit of difference in how that taste for salt matures, depending on whether or not an infant is exposed to sodium during that period,” says researcher Leslie Stein, PhD, senior research associate at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

If confirmed by larger studies, experts say the findings suggest that early exposure to salty foods in the first few months of life could play an important role in setting flavor preferences for a lifetime.

How a Taste for Salt Starts
Eating too much sodium, often in the form of salt, is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure. Curbing salt intake has been a major public health goal for years, but researchers say efforts thus far have been largely unsuccessful, in part because people like the taste of salt. In the study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers tested a group of 61 infants at 2 months and 6 months of age for salt preference by measuring how much they drank from three different bottles. One bottle contained plain water, another contained a moderately salty concentration of sodium (about the saltiness of commercial chicken soup), and a third contained a higher concentration of sodium (which tastes extremely salty to adults).Researchers found that 2-month-old infants were indifferent or rejected the salt solutions. But at 6 months of age, the infants who were already eating starchy table foods preferred both salty solutions to water. The babies that had not yet been introduced to these foods were still indifferent or rejected the salt solutions. Exposure to other types of table foods, such as fruits and vegetables, was not associated with an increased preference for salt. Years later, the mothers of the 26 children returned for questioning about their child’s eating habits as preschoolers between ages 3 and 4. Researchers found that 12 preschoolers who were introduced to starchy foods before 6 months of age were more likely to lick salt from foods like pretzels and crackers and were also slightly more likely to eat plain salt.

“What our study shows is that babies’ taste system is very malleable,” Stein tells WebMD. “If early exposure to salt increases the preference and taste for salt of an individual, then one might imply that down the road it might be harder to eat lower-salt food and enjoy it.” 

Nutrition experts say the results emphasize the importance of starting healthy eating habits as early as possible.

“This study helps us appreciate that what we do in the first year of life is so important to how kids eat, how well they eat, how varied they eat, and what their food preferences are,” says pediatric nutritionist Jill Castle, RD.

Castle says that between 6 months and 8 months of age, babies should only be just starting to be exposed to starchy table foods like bread, crackers, and ready-to-eat cereals in small amounts. The bulk of their daily calories should still come from breast milk or formula, iron-fortified baby cereal, fruit, and vegetables. Experts say many parents aren’t aware that ready-to-eat cereals, bread, crackers, and other starchy foods marketed to children contain sodium, which can add up over the course of the day if the child is eating a variety of these foods.

“There seems to be an increased preponderance of parents trying to choose those types of foods for their kids,” says pediatrician Christine Wood, MD. “These foods are being marketed as being appropriate for children, but I really try to focus in on parents trying to have the focus on a lot of fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables being the most important things.”

Aside from increasing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease down the road, Wood says there are also more immediate health risks associated with children developing a taste for salty foods.

“We know that starchier foods in general are more calorie-dense foods,” says Wood, who is also the author of How to Get Kids to Eat Great and Love It! That may lead to a higher risk of childhood obesity.

Ways to Introduce Good Eats
Wood and Castle agree that the best advice for parents introducing their child to healthy foods is to keep food as wholesome and fresh as possible. Their tips include:
-Keep fresh fruit and vegetables cut up and front and center in the refrigerator for easy access.
-Make whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce rather than macaroni and cheese out of a box.
-Introduce starchy foods like bread when age appropriate for your child (usually between 6-8 months of age).
-Choose less processed foods whenever possible.

The fewer foods that come out of a packaged box the better, Wood says. “Then you can control the amount of salt.”

P/S: Homemade food ada extra zat ---> "zat tambahan" iaitu "zat air tangan ibu" dan "zat kasih sayang ibu". :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Us At Marche, The Curve

We haven't had a girly (so-called hehe) get together since 3 months back (bunyi macam dah bertahun kan hehe), so since Ad was coming down from JB for a wedding, we took the opportunity to have our "girly get together", this time at The Curve. Nai who also resides in JB "promised" to come but she couldn't make it as she had just been posted to Pontian for a promotion (congrats Nai) and tak diberi ambil cuti selagi tak melepas 28 hari bekerja hehe.

Anyway, the ones who made it was yours truly, Nonie, Sheila, Ad and Zaffarin. The ones who couldn't make it atas sebab-sebab tertentu hehe adalah Nai, Dora and Mar. Well, there is always next time eh :). Upon arrival we minum-minum a bit kat depan Ikea sebab Nonie just got out from there before we went to raid Daiso at The Curve (kami gang yang kena sampukan Daiso hehe). As predicted, we did not come out of Daiso empty handed. Ada je barang nak beli!!! I bought small glass containers, 2 small baskets and an apron for my kitchen (lain kali tangkap gambar benda-benda ni yang dah selamat digunakan di kitchen hehe).

Lepas tu around 11 something kami bertiga (Nonie, Sheila and I) gerak ke Marche to meet up with Zaffarin and Ad. Tunggu Ad punya lama sebab she was stucked in a bad traffic jam kat  Sg Besi due to the closure of Smart tunnel. Anyways, we chatted and makan dessert first sampai Ad datang. Sembang punya sembang, we got out from Marche at 3 something kot! Hehe. Anyways, we had tonnes of fun. Hope there will be another get together soon before Nonie gives birth! We, mommies need this kind of "therapy", take a day off from work and hang out, just us. Seronok!

Saksikan la gambar-gambar kejadian :)

Nonie and Zaffarin kebosanan
tunggu Ad!

Butter bread pudding, sedappp

The mushroom soup pun very creamy
and tasty!

Strawberry something-something hehe.
They are having a strawberry fever
over there now..

Still waiting for Ad
masa ni. Zaffarin, yours truly
and Sheila

Akhirnya! Ad tiba juga dari JB!

Most of us ordered this
plus some pizzas and salads/vege dish

Preggers and Zaffarin *chomp chomp*

Lovely Haagen Dazs

Us, minus Zaffarin who had to go
off early..

Till we meet again!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Banana Cake Kukus

Before this, I have not introduced any type of dessert to Thaqif. Kalau "dessert" atau manisan yang bagi pun hanya fruits and once in a while, a small bit of vanilla ice cream. Then I read somewhere that it is good to introduce some kind of dessert to our toddlers but never to make it as a reward upon him accomplishing something. Katanya introduce as normal food, bagi once in a while or something like that. Dah lupa baca kat mana so tak boleh nak trace back hehe.

Dessert or sweet things here does not mean our dessert, all sugary and sweet kan. Macam biasa, mengekalkan healthy homemade food, tanpa artificial sugar. Kalau ada sugar pun from fruits :). Hari tu bloghopping lalu terjumpa resepi banana cake kukus kat sini. Senang sangat and suka sebab orang ni tak ada oven untuk bake, so ini secara kukus.


3 biji pisang
1 cawan tepung (if possible tepung atta or organic unbleached flour)
1/2 cawan olive oil/unsalted butter
1 biji egg
1/2 teaspoon soda bicarbonate
1/2 teaspoon baking power
Sedikit raisins


Mash pisang dengan tepung. Then mix dengan bahan-bahan lain. Kalau nak fine texture sila lah blend tapi sebab Thaqif dah besar, saya guna hand whisk saja. Kemudian kukusla selama 25 ke 35 minit. Siap!

Kukus dalam periuk beralaskan
steamer base beli kat Daiso :)

Hasil banana cake kukus, yummy.
Risau Thaqif tak makan sebab
dia bukan peminat banana sangat,
tapi dia makan :)

Selamat mencuba!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bedtime basics by BabyCenter

"If you haven't already, now is a great time to establish a bedtime routine for your toddler. When you follow a set pattern every night, he'll quickly come to appreciate the consistency and predictability and feel more relaxed. The more relaxed he is, the more likely he'll go to bed easily and fall asleep quickly. Stick to your routine as best you can even when you're not home - it can make it easier for your toddler to settle down in unfamiliar surroundings.

What you include in your ritual is up to you. There's the standard bath, putting on pyjamas, reading a story and having a cuddle or you can play a quiet game. Just make sure you choose something that helps calm your toddler, not gee him up.

And while you can certainly start your ritual in the bathroom or the living room, it should end in your toddler's bedroom. It's important to teach your toddler that his room is a nice place to be, not just where he's "banished" at bedtime. If he gets upset as he sees you walk out the door after you tuck him in, tell him you'll be back to check on him in a few minutes. In all likelihood, he'll be fast asleep by the time you return."

Thaqif Shah macam mana? Thaqif since he was still a baby pun tak banyak ragam when it comes to his bedtime. Bedtime ya, bukan nap or tidur siang hehe. Dia memang tidur at almost the same time every single night. Kalau masa baby kalau tak silap dalam jam 8 macam tu, and now that he is a toddler, dia tidur dalam 9 to 9.30 pm.

We never try to establish a bedtime routine for him, it just happened naturally. Mata dia memang dah set kot time tu is his bedtime. He will sleep at almost the same time, even kalau di luar rumah. We have countless times where Thaqif sleeps in the stroller, on our shoulders, in his carseat in the car while we eat hurriedly at the table tepi kereta kat kedai makan (air-cond on la), ni biasa if kami dah kelaparan tak tahan nak tapaula and even if we have some small gatherings or party or makan-makan at our home, Thaqif will be fast asleep in his cot walau orang meriah-meriah di bawah berparty. It is just him.

However, after time goes by, we pretty much make sure that he sleeps at the same time everyday kecuali ada apa-apa event la. Sebab senang jugak if dia ada bedtime routine. We can plan what to do when he is fast asleep. Boleh target nak buat house chores and all. If he sleeps at 9pm, he will wake up for milk and diaper change at 11pm. So in between mommy boleh la buat apa yang kena buat. Like semalam, he slept earlier than usual, jam 8 lebih, so I took the opportunity to vacuum and sapu rumah. By the time MS came back from class, dah dekat jam 10pm. Mop dapur, naik atas to mop atas dengan harapan Thaqif tidur lebih lama, masa tu lagi 10 minutes to 11pm, haha, tham tak dapat, dia bangun dah nak milk! Sudahnya lama betul BF dia semalam mommy tidur jam 1am sebab nak jugak kemas dapur haha.

Anyway, kalau ikut BabyCenter atas tu dia suggest to have a ritual for bedtime kan. Thaqif macam tak ada established ritual pun, tau-tau kalau tengah main-main tiba-tiba dia mintak BF. Terus lesap tidur. Hehe. Tapi sekarang memang dah pandai mintak nak tidur suruh BF dalam bilik. Dia tau situ cosy and tempat dia tidur. Kalau BF tidur kat bawah dia tak nak kadang, pandai dah mintak naik atas!

Siapa yang ada ritual for bedtime? Macam best and bagus je kan... :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Online Purchase

Call me old fashion but I am old fashion when it comes to online purchase! Hehe. I hardly purchase things online although I know it is common and quite safe to do so. I think the thing that I dislike about online purchase is that you do not get the item immediately and you have to wait for it and also because tak dapat nak belek-belek dia, you have to use your imagination je. Tengok gambar, tengok size, agak-agak muat etc then order, pay and wait. I prefer the traditional way hehe tengok depan mata, try and suka then bayar and bawak balik :)

But as time goes by, I did purchase some stuff online, though not many. Kalau handbag memang sangat tak berani. Kalau ya pun it's like I saw my cousins or my sister carry it then suka, pastu baru beli. Handbags ni sangat susah, sebab nak kena tau fake ke tak so I leave it to my expert cousin to advise me on it. Mungkin jugak saya ni takut nak beli online sebab takut fake goods or tak puas hati kan.

So far baju tak pernah beli online. Selalu dengar orang complain tak sama macam dalam blog/web jualan, bila dapat lain tu la lain ni la. Tapi ada juga yang kata ok sangat, happy dengan apa yang dapat!

In time may be la saya akan terdorong beli lebih banyak barang online, tengokla nanti, sebab so far tak pernah kena tipu, cuma lambat tu biasa la kan. Hari tu suka perfume tapi memang tak berani beli, lagi selesa beli di kedai kot hehe. Old school habis kan saya ni. Hehe.

Kepada online sellers, kalau bagus if anda boleh reply sms/email customers dengan cepat, jangan biar customers tertanya-tanya, tertunggu-tunggu. Bila dah bank in duit kita sms, dia tak reply. Macam-macam la. Latest kawan saya kena, order CD online di satu "gedung" terkemuka, pre-order dapat harga special, order bulan December, sampai kini tak nampak bayang CDnya! Janji before CNY dapat, then alasannya supplier tak hantar barang nak dekat-dekat CNY (saya akui barang saya pun ada satu lambat sebab time CNY la), lepas CNY pun senyap, kata kawan saya macam tak logic la supplier tak hantar sampai la ni. Seller pulak senyap jek, bukan nak update kat FB/blog/web apa jadi, senyap jek, tunggu customers pulak pm/sms!

Selain tu ramai online sellers cakap malam hari, hari minggu tak dapat layan dan macam-macam rules la. Sebenarnya sebelum nak berniaga online kena fikir semua ni dulu. Dari pengalaman sendiri yang meniaga online sekejap dulu, my sister and I memang fikir semua ni. Oleh kerana at that time Thaqif was so small, my sister decided that she would handle all the customers, updating the blogshop and FB and she did it as promised. HP sentiasa on, reply sms/email customers promptly. Bukan nak puji tapi itu yang perlu difikirkan sepatutnya la kan. Betul kan. Saya awal-awal cakap I cannot handle the customers as I have a small baby masa tu, takut lambat reply sms/email and whatnot. Ada ramai sellers tak fikir hal tu langsung! Aneh!

Takpela, harap ramai yang sudah berubah and sedar diri hehe. Gambar-gambar di bawah ini setakat barang-barang yang saya pernah purchase online heheheh.

Cloth diapers from 3 different sellers

Affordable designer's handbag, with the
help of my cousin

Pinky  affordable pujaan hati baru
sampai kelmarin, tunggu lama sikit
because order time slightly
before CNY! Happy :)

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