Monday, March 12, 2012

Bedtime basics by BabyCenter

"If you haven't already, now is a great time to establish a bedtime routine for your toddler. When you follow a set pattern every night, he'll quickly come to appreciate the consistency and predictability and feel more relaxed. The more relaxed he is, the more likely he'll go to bed easily and fall asleep quickly. Stick to your routine as best you can even when you're not home - it can make it easier for your toddler to settle down in unfamiliar surroundings.

What you include in your ritual is up to you. There's the standard bath, putting on pyjamas, reading a story and having a cuddle or you can play a quiet game. Just make sure you choose something that helps calm your toddler, not gee him up.

And while you can certainly start your ritual in the bathroom or the living room, it should end in your toddler's bedroom. It's important to teach your toddler that his room is a nice place to be, not just where he's "banished" at bedtime. If he gets upset as he sees you walk out the door after you tuck him in, tell him you'll be back to check on him in a few minutes. In all likelihood, he'll be fast asleep by the time you return."

Thaqif Shah macam mana? Thaqif since he was still a baby pun tak banyak ragam when it comes to his bedtime. Bedtime ya, bukan nap or tidur siang hehe. Dia memang tidur at almost the same time every single night. Kalau masa baby kalau tak silap dalam jam 8 macam tu, and now that he is a toddler, dia tidur dalam 9 to 9.30 pm.

We never try to establish a bedtime routine for him, it just happened naturally. Mata dia memang dah set kot time tu is his bedtime. He will sleep at almost the same time, even kalau di luar rumah. We have countless times where Thaqif sleeps in the stroller, on our shoulders, in his carseat in the car while we eat hurriedly at the table tepi kereta kat kedai makan (air-cond on la), ni biasa if kami dah kelaparan tak tahan nak tapaula and even if we have some small gatherings or party or makan-makan at our home, Thaqif will be fast asleep in his cot walau orang meriah-meriah di bawah berparty. It is just him.

However, after time goes by, we pretty much make sure that he sleeps at the same time everyday kecuali ada apa-apa event la. Sebab senang jugak if dia ada bedtime routine. We can plan what to do when he is fast asleep. Boleh target nak buat house chores and all. If he sleeps at 9pm, he will wake up for milk and diaper change at 11pm. So in between mommy boleh la buat apa yang kena buat. Like semalam, he slept earlier than usual, jam 8 lebih, so I took the opportunity to vacuum and sapu rumah. By the time MS came back from class, dah dekat jam 10pm. Mop dapur, naik atas to mop atas dengan harapan Thaqif tidur lebih lama, masa tu lagi 10 minutes to 11pm, haha, tham tak dapat, dia bangun dah nak milk! Sudahnya lama betul BF dia semalam mommy tidur jam 1am sebab nak jugak kemas dapur haha.

Anyway, kalau ikut BabyCenter atas tu dia suggest to have a ritual for bedtime kan. Thaqif macam tak ada established ritual pun, tau-tau kalau tengah main-main tiba-tiba dia mintak BF. Terus lesap tidur. Hehe. Tapi sekarang memang dah pandai mintak nak tidur suruh BF dalam bilik. Dia tau situ cosy and tempat dia tidur. Kalau BF tidur kat bawah dia tak nak kadang, pandai dah mintak naik atas!

Siapa yang ada ritual for bedtime? Macam best and bagus je kan... :)

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