Thursday, March 15, 2012

Us At Marche, The Curve

We haven't had a girly (so-called hehe) get together since 3 months back (bunyi macam dah bertahun kan hehe), so since Ad was coming down from JB for a wedding, we took the opportunity to have our "girly get together", this time at The Curve. Nai who also resides in JB "promised" to come but she couldn't make it as she had just been posted to Pontian for a promotion (congrats Nai) and tak diberi ambil cuti selagi tak melepas 28 hari bekerja hehe.

Anyway, the ones who made it was yours truly, Nonie, Sheila, Ad and Zaffarin. The ones who couldn't make it atas sebab-sebab tertentu hehe adalah Nai, Dora and Mar. Well, there is always next time eh :). Upon arrival we minum-minum a bit kat depan Ikea sebab Nonie just got out from there before we went to raid Daiso at The Curve (kami gang yang kena sampukan Daiso hehe). As predicted, we did not come out of Daiso empty handed. Ada je barang nak beli!!! I bought small glass containers, 2 small baskets and an apron for my kitchen (lain kali tangkap gambar benda-benda ni yang dah selamat digunakan di kitchen hehe).

Lepas tu around 11 something kami bertiga (Nonie, Sheila and I) gerak ke Marche to meet up with Zaffarin and Ad. Tunggu Ad punya lama sebab she was stucked in a bad traffic jam kat  Sg Besi due to the closure of Smart tunnel. Anyways, we chatted and makan dessert first sampai Ad datang. Sembang punya sembang, we got out from Marche at 3 something kot! Hehe. Anyways, we had tonnes of fun. Hope there will be another get together soon before Nonie gives birth! We, mommies need this kind of "therapy", take a day off from work and hang out, just us. Seronok!

Saksikan la gambar-gambar kejadian :)

Nonie and Zaffarin kebosanan
tunggu Ad!

Butter bread pudding, sedappp

The mushroom soup pun very creamy
and tasty!

Strawberry something-something hehe.
They are having a strawberry fever
over there now..

Still waiting for Ad
masa ni. Zaffarin, yours truly
and Sheila

Akhirnya! Ad tiba juga dari JB!

Most of us ordered this
plus some pizzas and salads/vege dish

Preggers and Zaffarin *chomp chomp*

Lovely Haagen Dazs

Us, minus Zaffarin who had to go
off early..

Till we meet again!

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