Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trip To CH & LWT - Part I

Kali ni entry basi vacation ke negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan di bulan February yang lepas hehe. Sudah lapuk sebab asyik lupa nak transfer pictures dari lappy ke thumbdrive. Kami pergi vacation just the three of us. We went to Cameron Highlands and The Lost World of Tambun. Best :)

Seperti biasa, mommy yang super choosy in finding accomodation telah buat research and baca reviews satu hari suntuk nak pilih hotel. I am not picky in the sense that I want to stay at a five-star hotel, but I am very particular of the cleanliness of the hotel. Masa tak ada anak kecik pun sudah particular, bila ada anak, lagi bertambah particular nampaknya. Nak buat macam mana dah dijadikan begini. Very often, clean hotels are either new hotels or expensive hotels, but, some expensive hotels pun boleh jadi run down gayanya and rusty sebab tak refurbish when they are due. So tak semestinya expensive hotel sahaja bersih tapi ada juga yang middle range yang bersih :). Just like the one I choosed. In CH, we stayed at De La Fern Hotel, just medium size but very clean! It costs about RM250 with breakfast for two :)

So this entry tunjuk gambar-gambar De La Fern Hotel yang saya rasa sangat cosy and homely :). Bukan homely yang macam homestay ya (I don't go for homestay as my idea of a vacation is staying in a different environment and ambiance, not "just like home" :)

Entrance De La Fern Hotel

Stairs leading up to the lobby

The cosy lobby

The waiting area at the lobby

Santai cosy area

The room

The bed with very clean sheets!

"Bobok" (spongebob) is on the TV!

The clean bathroom

Somebody is looking out, admiring
the view

Sudah solat!

View from the lobby,
restaurant steamboat next door

Private and ample parking lot

The airy and windy hote'l's dining area

Where are we mommy?

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