Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walid's Birthday

Hallo, it has been a while since I last updated my blog kan :). Not that I was so busy but I just did not have time to blog at work. Since we are using Ipad at home, so I had long kissed good bye to updating my blog from home. Hehe.

Anyway, so many things happened but nothing out of the ordinary la. One of it was, MS turned another year older (but wiser hehe). Initially, I wanted to throw him a surprise birthday bash and all but due to some time constraint and some issues with his friends, so I decided to just treat him to a birthday dinner (boring eh hehe).

I wanted to try out and dine at the Baci Cafe, Chitta Mall Ara Damansara coz I lurve cosy ambiance. So I texted him and told him that I was going to take him for a birthday dinner at a secret location. Secret la sangat. When we got into the car, I instructed him to go to Ara Damansara. Hehe. Jeng jeng jeng. Tak ada apa yang jeng jeng jeng pun hehe. When we reached Ara Damansara, I asked him to go inside Citta Mall. Tup tup we saw Baci Cafe right away, so I told MS, that's the place I want to go to. So we parked the car and got down. Went inside and went straight to Baci cafe and saw the sign. It said "We are closed for renovation today. Will open for business tomorrow". Of all the days! Shessh!

So, left with no choice, I asked MS to pick where he wanted to eat at so he choosed Chilli's since we saw it when we first entered Citta Mall. MS had fajitas and I had nachos. Thaqif had his dinner earlier. All in all, biasa saja la "celebration" tu hehe. But......we instantly fell in love with Chitta Mall. Tu belum round semua. I don't know, the ambiance, the shops, the air, the people..they are all just so.. so.. nice? Entah, tenang kot tempat tu. Hehe. Okla, here are the pics.

Thaqif with his menu, tapi tak order,
dia toddler "90% air tangan ibu". Haha,
macam bagus bunyi ya!


My yummy nachos

His fajitas

Boring la tu..


Cuppies from Wondermilk

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