Monday, June 11, 2012

Baci Italian Cafe, Citta Mall

Halo. Saja nak buat review kedai makan. Hehe. Actually I am the type who loves to explore and dine in at various restaurants and cafes which are of great ambiance! Kalau restaurants or cafes yang konsep tempat makan biasa-biasa memang melambak kan, tapi I like the ones yang either attractive or quite different or cosy la senang cerita. So I saw in someone's blog about this Baci Cafe at Citta Mall, so nampak gambar macam best. So we tried it a few weeks ago.

Here are the pics. Niat nak capture semua-semua tapi tak berkesempatan pulak sebab Thaqif berlarian sana sini!

In side, upon entering the cafe

Pi tangkap kat tempat sedia makanan
buat apa!

Hai ya!

Ok, there are seats outside tapi
tak sempat capture! Cosy jugak kat

Ok, if nak duduk bersila pun boleh,
silakan. Banyak couple occupy situ..

We ordered some pepperoni pizza,

Some tuna super sandwich...BUT..
the pizza was so-so and the tuna turned
out to be stale!!
Lagi-lagi jenis orang yang so
sensitive to the taste of fish like me,
secepat kilat dapat tau ikan lama
or ikan baru! I just tasted a bit
and wham, terus seluruh lidah
gatal! Bummer!

Mommy ordered fresh watermelon
juice and what I got was an
watermelon juice. Tak fresh
langsung but it's good in the sense that
it's pure juice no sugar added.
Thaqif "insist" nak sedut. Kasik la walau
it's chilled tapi since tak ada sugar, okla,
sesedut dua je dia minum pun.
Dia mmg tak suka watermelon sangat pun.

Overall, I give 2 out of 10 for food and 5 out of 10 for ambiance and design.

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