Friday, July 27, 2012

Legal Division's Outing at Gold Coast Sepang - Part I

Berkurun tak update blog! Busy! Hehe. Anyway, here is a little something. My office or rather our division had our outing last June at Gold Coast Sepang, fully sponsored by the company of course. The agenda was to chill and relax and at the same time discuss about our balance scorecard and KPIs etc. We had loads of fun though I had to leave behind my toodler for the first time since his birth!

Anyway, it was a 2D1N stay and this place is awesome for a short weekend getaway! It is a little bit pricey but worth every cents I'd say (if I had to pay for it). Super clean and breath taking! But you can not really use the beach for swiming, it is dirty.

Here are some of the pictures. Gelap!

Buggy traveling to all rooms

The super clean room!

The bathroom. Here is the shower "stall".
You can see the view outside!

The balcony, suitable for chit chatting
at nite :)

The beach

We had a break at the bicyle shack before
going for a tea break

The buffet area

The infinity pool

This is our little team,
Khairi, PinkGremlin and
our team leader Yati

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