Friday, August 3, 2012

Thaqif And His CDs At 22 Months

I was supposed to write on the Gold Coast outing for Part II but nah, did not feel like it hehe. So this is what it is going to be today. About my little toddler's CDing journey.

Roughly he has about 35 to 50 CDs (I can not really remember actually hehe) of which he wears daily up until 10pm or so. I still have not guts to use CD on him from 12 midnite to 7am in the morning hehe. I do not trust the microfiber inserts to do the job and I am not going to wake in the middle of the night to change his CD, no! Let me have my "peaceful" night sleep till I have Thaqif's baby sister or brother! Breastfeeding Thaqif thru out the nite is a piece of cake since I do the mengiring position which allows me to sleep.

But, day by day, I keep on thinking about the earth (haha!) and how I am contributing to the dying earth. Hehe. And also, I have been thinking over and over on further saving up MS' money (I am such a good wife, no? Hehe, honestly, it breaks my heart to see him purchase the DD when that money can be used for something else). So, I had purchased some bamboo inserts for starters. I had just finished doing the pre-wash of those inserts. I am thinking of combining the microfiber and bamboo insert for the "takung and serap" effect for a peaceful-7 hour-sleep. Hopefully it works.

Thinking of trying it maybe next week.. Huhu..

So here are some of the newly purchased
CDs for night time. I had purchased
some earlier. No fancy brand :(

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