Friday, November 23, 2012

A Day In PD

Ok, sebab saya agak kemaruk nak pi vacation, so tayangkan entry santaian bulan September lalu. Ini "vacation" ke Port Dickson yang tak sleep over, just a spontenous idea by MS masa bangun pagi tu. So off we go and no I did not bring any picnic basket with us. Hehe. Bertolak jam 9 lebih kot and sampai sedang elok belum tengahari. Thaqif slept all the short way to PD and woke up to the view of the sea. Dia dah excited tengok laut.
Tukar baju semua di public toilet PD yang sungguh daif. Sebelum tu mintak salah satu gerai di situ isi angin dalam float Thaqif. Pastu kami sewa a picnic table, dalam RM20, okla. Letak barang and off the three of us  to the beach.
Thaqif biasa la mula-mula taknak duduk dalam float dia, pastu dia tengok budak-budak sekeliling pun dengan float dia pun nak. Punya la happy dia. Paling happy bila main sand. Macam joy habis orangnya. Sampai time balik dia tak nak balik, dah mandi tukar baju masih nak grab mandi laut! Takpela, next time kita pergi Thistle boleh main laut sesuka hati. Kat public beach ni ramai sangat orang dengan segala boat, tapi overall okla. Cuma, the public toilets are horrible!!!!! It was a horror to have to use those toilets! Shame on you whoever manages those horrible toilets. Tolong la reconstruct again!
Anyway here are the pics  from the trip.

Had a blast playing sand..


Syok sangat main pasir!!!

Going back and forth for the water...

Bye bye PD, we will come again..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

News News And News

Lama sungguh tak buat any post. Busy, kali ni seriously busy. Hehe. Just updating my blog while I have the luxury of doing so now! Now or never! Hehe.
Some news here and there, some happy news, some sad news and some 'stressfull' news. Al kisahnya, I changed job from my almost 5 year-job in Putrajaya, where not just work life balance is a priority there, but when I think again, it was more of a "life work balance" which means the old place prioritizes life more than work itself! I joined the company when I was single, got engaged there, got married there, had my sweet honeymoon while working there, got pregnant with our first child there and gave birth to our first child there! In a stint of 4 years plus! Some memories.. Anyway, life has to go on, while I enjoyed my time there where I have the best of friends there, my career path was not moving along. So, after studying the trend there, I know I was not getting anywhere anytime soon if I stayed there. And salary wise, well, I could get more if you know what I mean. So I decided to change job before it was too late.
I joined a similar field but a bigger player I'd say and I unexpextedly landed a post I was not looking for and I was happy with the offer of the salary. Since my previous company has a policy of 3 months' resignation period, I enjoyed the last 3 months like mad. Hehe. It was like hey I was not given any work but I got paid!! Hehe.
And the 'stressfull' moment begun the moment I joined the new company. While i love what I am doing as in the  work itself, I kindda loathe the workload and environment. It is rather a 'dead' environment, it is like there is an unwritten rule that no one should speak during working hours! But thank god I have had experience working in a place like this, the differences were my previous boss was a Firaun but my current boss, alhamdulillah is not and I was single when I worked in the Firaun place, so even with the keji workload, I managed as I was single. But to go through that again, well, I can but if I was given a choice I'd directly say "hell, no"! Hehe. Well, it has just been a month so we'll see. Ah now I remember, it is in KL so that's why I kinda dislike it coz it is in KL Sentral where there is nothing! Dulu jalan pulang ke rumah lalu segala Tesco, Giant and IOI Mall Puchong plus Sunway Pyramid, sekarang kosong!!! Hampa tak berjumpa shopping malls!
The other happy news is that we went for a nice vacation before I left the previous company, we went to JB and Singapore, Legoland and USS to be exact. Pergi dengan our friends, 2 other families. Best! Nanti post another entry on that.
Another happy news was we got a nice pressie on Thaqif's 2nd birthday- I was pregnant again, as we hoped! So, we counted that Thaqif will get a lil bro or sis when he turns 2 and a half lebih sikit hehe. Well, we planned 'good'. But Allah has better plans in store. I had a miscarriage just recently because our baby's growth stopped at 8 weeks. Tak ada rezeki tetapi kami redha, I always believe there is always hikmah behind every single thing. I know Allah has greater plans for us. Nak kata tak sedih itu tipula tapi memang kami betul-betul redha dengan ketentuanNya. Dan syukur kami sudah dikurniakan seorang anak cerdik comel bijak tu. Sekarang baru saya tahu rasa keguguran itu macamana, physically and emotionally. Tadi baca sini dan mensyukuri Allah memberi saya kesenangan dari segi emosi dan rasanya alhamdulillah termasuk fizikal juga. Sakit masa keguguran sudah dirasai, sungguh perit, tak sangka mampu jugak saya bertahan sampai doctor terkejut tengok saya macam keadaan orang normal walau baru lepas keguguran yang keluar semuanya. Alhamdulillah lagi, lagipun Allah tak akan menguji seseorang lebih dari kemampuannya.
"Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari dan datangkan petir dan kilat, kita bertanya dan menangis tentang ke mana hilangnya matahari. Rupa-rupanya Allah mahu berikan kita pelangi..." (quote dari blog Dr Zubaidi)
Okla, in shaa Allah, pelangi menunggu saya.

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